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Transformers (2007)

Transformers (2007) quotes

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Bobby Bolivia
Capt. William Lennox
Glen Whitmann
Judy Witwicky
Maggie Madsen
Mikaela Banes
Multiple Characters
Optimus Prime
Ron Witwicky
Sam Witwicky
Secretary of Defense John Keller
Sgt. Robert Epps

View Quote Bobby Boliva: How can I help you, gentlemen?
Ron Witwicky: My son. Looking to buy his first car.
Bobby Boliva: [to Sam] You come to see me?
Sam Witwicky: [quietly] I had to.
Bobby Boliva: That practically makes us family. Uncle Bobby B, baby. [shakes hands with Sam] Uncle Bobby B. [smiles]
View Quote Bumblebee: [through his radio] Message from Starfleet, Captain. Let's get to it!
Capt. Lennox: He's right. If we stay here, we're screwed with Megatron in the other hanger. Mission City is 22 miles away. We're going to sneak that Cube out of here and hide it somewhere in the city.
John Keller: Good, right!
Capt. Lennox: But we cannot make a stand without the Air Force.
John Keller: This place must have some sort of radio link.
Agent Simmons: Yes!
John Keller: Short wave, CB.
Agent Simmons: Right, yes!
Capt. Lennox: [to Keller] Sir, you're going to have to find some way to get word out of them. Let's move!
Agent Simmons: [to Keller] In the alien archives, sir! There's an old Army radio console!
John Keller: Will it work?
Agent Simmons: Anything's possible! Did you see that...?
View Quote Captain Lennox: Sam, where's the Cube?
Sam Witwicky: [pointing to the ground] Right there!
Captain Lennox: Right! Here, take this flare! Take the Cube, and head to that building! Get to the top, and light a flare! There's some Black Hawks coming! One of them will come to you and get in and take and take the Cube to the authorities!
Sam Witwicky: What? No, I can't do this!
Captain Lennox: Listen to me! You're a soldier now! All right, I need you take this Cube, get it into military hands while we hold them off, or a lot of people are gonna die. [to Mikaela] You got to go, you got to go.
Mikaela Banes: No, I'm not leaving.
Captain Lennox: You need to go.
Mikaela Banes: No, I'm not leaving till I get Bumblebee out of here, okay?
Ironhide: Sam, we will protect you.
Captain Lennox: Epps, where are those planes?
Mikaela Banes: Sam, no matter what happens... I'm really glad I got in that car with you.
Ironhide: Sam, get to the building! Move!
View Quote Chief Warrant Officer Jorge "Fig" Figueroa: After sixteen months of this…can't wait to have a taste of home. A plate of mama's alligators etouff?.
USAF Tech Sgt. Robert Epps: You've been talking about barbecued 'gators and crickets for the past few weeks. I'm never going to your mother's house Fig, I promise you!
CWO Figueroa: Bobby, alligators are known to have the most succulent meat.
Tech Sgt. Epps: I understand.
[Figueroa goes into rapid Spanish, while Epps mimics him]
Tech Sgt. Epps: English. English, please.
Capt. William Lennox: I mean, how many times do we have to tell you? We don't speak Spanish.
CWO Figueroa: Why d'you have to ruin it for me, man? It's my heritage— [lapses back into Spanish]
Capt. Lennox: Fine…go with the Spanish.
Sergeant First Class Donnelly: Hey, remember weekends? The Sox at Fenway; a cold hot dog and a flat beer.
CWO Figueroa: Perfect day. [to Lennox] What about you, Captain? You got a perfect day?
Capt. Lennox: I just want to hold my baby girl for the first time.
[The other soldiers respond with gently-mocking "awwws" and "he's adorable"]
Capt. Lennox: Shut up!
View Quote Jazz: Hang back, let me check it out. Optimus, are we just gonna stand here and do nothing?
Optimus Prime: There's no way to free Bumblebee with harming the humans.
Jazz: But it's not right.
Optimus Prime: Let them leave. [recovers Archibald's glasses]
View Quote Jazz: Is that all you got, Megatron?
Megatron: Come here, little cretin!
Jazz: You want a piece of me? You want a piece?!
Megatron: No! I want two! [rips Jazz in half]
View Quote Megatron: Humans don't deserve to live!
Optimus Prime: They deserve to choose for themselves!
Megatron: Then you shall die with them!! [throws Prime a distance away; he joins his arms together, forming his fusion cannon] JOIN THEM IN EXTINCTION!!
View Quote Megatron: Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling?
Sam Witwicky: [terrified] Oh my God... Where do I go?
Megatron: Give me the Allspark, and you may live to be my pet.
Sam Witwicky: [still making a stand] I'M NEVER GIVING YOU THIS ALL SPARK!
Megatron: Oh, so unwise...
[With a roar, Megatron pulls out a flair from his arm and smashes the rooftop, sending a screaming Sam plummeting towards the ground]
Optimus Prime: [grabbing Sam] I got you, boy! Hold on to the Cube!
[Prime leaps down, but Megatron grabs him, and all three tumble down into the street]
View Quote Megatron: [to Sam] I'll kill you...! Mine! Allspark!
Optimus Prime: Sam, put the Cube in my chest now! Sam! No, Sam!
[Sam rams the Cube into Megatron's chest, destroying him]
Optimus Prime: [to Megatron's destroyed corpse] You left me no choice, brother. Sam, I owe you my life. We are in your debt.
Ironhide: [hands Jazz's corpse] Prime, we couldn't save him.
Optimus Prime: Oh, Jazz. [referring to the humans] We lost a great comrade, but gained new ones. Thank you, all of you. You honor us with your bravery.
Bumblebee: [fully repaired] Permission to speak, sir?
Optimus Prime: Permission granted, old friend.
Sam Witwicky: You speak now?
Bumblebee: I wish to stay with the boy.
Optimus Prime: If that is his wish.
Sam Witwicky: Yes!
View Quote Mikaela Banes: Whoa, nice headers. You've got a high-rise double-pump carburetor. That's... that's pretty impressive, Sam.
Sam Witwicky: Double-pump?
Mikaela Banes: It squirts the fuel in so you can go faster.
Sam Witwicky: Oh... I like to go faster.
Mikaela Banes: And your distributor cap's a little loose.
Sam Witwicky: Yeah? How'd you know that?
Mikaela Banes: My dad, he was a real grease monkey. He taught me all about this. I could take it all apart, clean it, and then put it back together.
Sam Witwicky: That's weird; I just wouldn't peg you for mechanical.
Mikaela Banes: Well, you know, I don't really broadcast it. Guys don't like it when you know more about cars than they do. Especially not Trent; he hates it. [winks at Sam]
Sam Witwicky: Yeah, I'm cool with, you know, females working on my engine. I prefer it actually.
View Quote News Reporter: Can you shed any light on the recent, so-called alien activity in this area?
Judy Witwicky: Do you know what? I think that if there really was some sort of alien infestation...
Ron Witwicky: [fondling Mojo] Yeah. They, the government, would be the first to let you know.
Judy Witwicky: The government would let us know.
Ron Witwicky: Yeah. I mean, this is America.
Judy Witwicky: You know, that's how we live in a free land, there are no secrets. They'd say "Hey! Duck and cover!" Your head is kind of a different size that it is on television.
View Quote Optimus Prime: Sam, you risked your life to protect the Cube?
Sam Witwicky: No sacrifice, no victory.
Optimus Prime: If I cannot defeat Megatron, you must push the Cube into my chest. I will sacrifice myself to destroy it. Get behind me. [Sam does so] It's you and me, Megatron!
Megatron: No, it's just me, Prime!
Optimus Prime: At the end of this day, one shall stand... one shall fall!
Megatron: You still fight for the weak! That is why you lose!
View Quote Optimus Prime: [dives into battle and transforms] Megatron!
Megatron: [tosses Jazz's dismembered corpse aside] PRIME!
View Quote Ron Witwicky: I've got a little surprise for you, son. [drives towards a Porsche dealer] Yep, a little surprise.
Sam Witwicky: No, no, no, NO!! Dad! Oh, you've got to be kidding me!
Ron Witwicky: Yeah, I am. [drives past Porsche dealer] You're not getting a Porsche!
Sam Witwicky: [offended look] You think that's funny?
Ron Witwicky: Yeah, I think it's funny.
Sam Witwicky: What's wrong with you?!
Ron Witwicky: What, did you really think I'd get you a Porsche? For your first car?
Sam Witwicky: I don't wanna talk to you for the rest of the day. [Ron chuckles]
View Quote Sam Witwicky: Look, I can't be any clearer than how crystal clear I am being. It just stood up.
Sheriff: It just stood up? Wow, that's really neat. [hands Sam a container and a tissue] Okay, cheify, time to filler up. And no drippy-drippy. What're you rolling? Whippets, goofballs, a little wowie sauce with the boys.
Sam Witwicky: No, I'm not on any drugs.
Sheriff: What's these? [shows Sam his dog's pain pills] Found it in your pocket, "Mojo". Is this what the kids are doing now? A little bit of Mojo.
Sam Witwicky: Those are my dog's pain pills.
Ron Witwicky: You know, a Chihuahua. A little...
Sheriff: [getting annoyed, rolls his eyes] What was that?
Sam Witwicky: Hmm?
Sheriff: You eyeballing my piece, Fifty Cent? You wanna go? [leans over to Sam] Make something happen, do it. 'Cause, I promise you, [hovering right over Sam] I will bust you up.
Sam Witwicky: [whispers] Are you on drugs?