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Sam Witwicky quotes

View Quote It's a robot. You know, like a super advanced robot. It's probably Japanese. [pause] It's definitely Japanese.
View Quote [negotiating with his teacher for a better grade] Sir, look outside. Do you see that man sitting in the green car? That's my dad. Let me tell you a story about a dream, a boy's dream and a man's promise to that boy: he looked at me in the eye and said, "Son, I'm gonna buy you a car, but I want you to bring me two thousand dollars and three A's." I already have the two thousand and two A's. [holds his hands up in a circle] Here's the dream. Your B minus? [mimes the circle exploding] Poof! Dream gone. Ka-put. Now ask yourself... What would Jesus do?
View Quote This isn't hiding! This isn't hiding! This is my backyard, not a truck stop! [to the Autobots, who are in vehicle mode in his backyard]
View Quote [to Frenzy] Not so tough without a head, are you? [kicks Frenzy's head]
View Quote [To Sector 7 agents subduing Bumblebee] STOP! He's not going to hurt you!
View Quote [Bumblebee drives off to signal the Autobots] Hey, that's my car! Dad, call the cops!
View Quote [checking out his car for the first time] Feels good.
View Quote [to Bumblebee] You're my guardian, huh?
View Quote [to an injured Bumblebee] I'm not going to leave you!
View Quote [talking into phone] Hello, 911 emergency. My car's been stolen! I'm in pursuit! I need the whole squadron, bring everybody! No, no don't ask any questions, my father's the head of the neighborhood watch!
View Quote [seeing his car transform for the first time] Oh my God... [talking into phone] My name is Sam Witwicky. Whoever finds this, my car is alive, okay. [holds up phone briefly to show Bumblebee] You see all that? If these are my last words on Earth, I just want to say that Mom, Dad, I love you and if you find Busty Beauties under my bed, it wasn't mine, I'm holding it for Miles. No, no, wait that's—Okay, that's not true. It's mine; Uncle Charles gave it to me. I'm sorry. Mojo, I love you.
View Quote [speaking to Optimus Prime through his bedroom window] Okay, listen. You've got to listen to me. If my parents come out here and see you, they're gonna freak out; my mother's got a temper.
View Quote [seeing Barricade transform right in front of him] Oh God, NO!!! Oh shit, oh shit, oh God, OH SHIT!!! [when being chased by Barricade]
View Quote See, now you pissed him off. That car is sensitive. I mean, $4,000 just drove away. [When Mikaela calls Bumblebee a "piece of crap Camaro"]
View Quote [to Mikaela] I hope I didn't get you stranded or anything. You sure? So listen, I was wondering if I could ride you home. I mean, give you a ride home in my car, to your house.
View Quote This is the kind of thing romantic friends pull, and I would never think of doing this, because I'm not that kind of friend. Well, I mean we... I could be. [when Bumblebee suddenly swerves offroad while Sam is driving Mikaela home]
View Quote [to Bobby Boliva about Bumblebee as a 1976 Camero] It's custom-faded??
View Quote I'm cool with, you know, females working on my engine. I prefer it actually.
View Quote No sacrifice, no victory. (The Witwicky family motto)
View Quote [to Mikaela] 50 years from now, when you look back at your life, don't you want to say you had the guts to get in the car?
View Quote [to Mikaela] That's weird; I just wouldn't peg you for mechanical.
View Quote [talking into phone about Bumblebee] Satan's Camaro, in my yard! It's stalking me!!
View Quote [to Mikaela, wondering if Sam thinks she is "shallow"] I think there's a lot more than meets the eye with you. [after she gets out] "More than meets the eye with you"... that's a stupid line. [to himself] Oh my God, I love my car.
View Quote [is being attacked by Frenzy] He's trying to kill me! [runs away after Frenzy succeeds in removing his pants]
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