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Mikaela Banes quotes

View Quote [to Bumblebee] I'll drive, you shoot!
View Quote [after Bumblebee has fired a shot right into Devastator's chest] Nice shot!
View Quote [to Sam] You know that seat belt thing was a pretty smooth move.
View Quote [to Sam about Bumblebee] You know what I don't understand? Why, if he's supposed to be this super advanced robot, does he transform back into this piece of crap Camaro?
View Quote Whoa, nice headers. You've got a high-rise and a double-pump carburetor. That's... that's pretty impressive, Sam. It squirts the fuel in so you can go faster.
View Quote You have no idea how much I'm not your little bunny. [angrily dumping her jock ex-boyfriend Trent]
View Quote [to Sam as he gets closer to Bumblebee] You are the strangest boy I have ever met.
View Quote [to Sam, frustrated] You should be way more specific so I won't get in trouble with your room. I'm already stressed out enough.
View Quote [to Sam about Simmons] Don't listen to him. He's just pissy because he has to go back to guarding the Mall.
View Quote [about her father's parole] You know those cars my dad used to teach me to fix? Well, they... They weren't always his. We couldn't always afford a babysitter, so he'd sometimes had to bring me along.
View Quote Sam, I have a record because I wouldn't turn my dad in. What would you do to sacrifice anything in your perfect little life?
View Quote [to Sam, as they embrace] Sam, no matter what happens... I'm really glad I got in that car with you.
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