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Ernest Goes to Jail

Ernest Goes to Jail quotes

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Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow)
Ernest P. Worrell
Felix Nash
Warden Carmichael

View Quote (Thinking Nash is Ernest): You are slime Ernest P. Worrell!
View Quote (To Ernest P. Worrell): Well, looks like a got another hostage, too bad, I thought you were dead!
View Quote [Finds Rimshot in the trashcan]: What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?
View Quote [To Nash's lawyer as he's being taken to the chair]: You pal, you're not getting anymore of my business!
View Quote Auntie Nelda: The way they run this institution is an outrage, for a poor, tight, old lonely woman like me. Her only son of feathers is a terribly successful one. Young man? Young Man?
[The gate guard comes out]
Auntie Nelda: Young Man, Would you please open that gate, I left my car running outside?
Gate Guard: Ma'am, You tell me how you got through this gate, the visitors area's on the other side of the prison.
Auntie Nelda: I brought him up with the best I could, but sometimes a bad thief pulls from even the most fragile flower.
Gate Guard: Ma'am, you are not going through this gate.
Auntie Nelda: Is this the way you'd treat your mother? Is this the kind of abuse that poor woman must endure?
Gate Guard: Well, I guess that my mother is a little bit mad at-...
Auntie Nelda: Mmmhmm! You ought to be in the slammer with the rest of these misfits! If you had any remorse at all for the HORROR you pushed your mother through, you'd open that gate! I have a car overheating as we SPEAK!
[Ernest (as Auntie Nelda) makes a snooty expression at the gate guard]
Gate Guard: Ok, Ok.
[Picks up phone]
Gate Guard: All right! Let's open the east gate.
[Hangs up phone]
Gate Guard: There! Now you satisfied?
Auntie Nelda: I'll tell your mother how her son has improved despite his shady and somewhat checkered past.
[Prison balls tied to a chain fall out of Ernest's disguise]
Auntie Nelda [Lying about the prison balls]: The doctor told me that I'd only have to wear these until after the sugery.
[Guard nods sarcastically and takes Ernest away]
View Quote Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow): [Thinking Ernest is Nash] Do you think you let me get near me after what you did to Ernest? He was the kindest man who was ever loved in my whole life?
Ernest P. Worrell: Gee, Charlotte, I'm touched!
View Quote Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow): [Thinking Nash is Ernest] What happened to your voice? You sound different.
Felix Nash: Oh, I got a little laryngitis.
View Quote Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow): Ernest, you're alive!
Ernest P. Worrell [Burnt and recovering from a high fall]: (coughs) I came! I saw! I got blowed up!

View Quote Ernest P. Worrell [After drying himself off with his body dryer and checking the circuit board]: Oh, there's my problem right there. This wire's got a little sh...
[Gets electricuted]
Ernest P. Worrell: ...short in it.
[A metal comb clings to his vest]
Ernest P. Worrell: Gosh, not again.
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: (gasps) I've been vandalized...By Elvis!
[Suddenly after Ernest go gets changed we then go to the car that got a flat tire]
Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow) [Crossly]: I can't believe it! I can't believe it! First, Ernest, and now this! I'm acting like a victim, I need to tell Ernest, exactly how I feel, and I need to do that right now while I'm still mad!
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: Did you hear the one about the three legged dog that walked into a bar and said, "I'm lookin' for the guy that shot my paw." (laughs then metal lid clings to his face)
Charlotte Sparrow (Miss Sparrow): Ernest, Ernest are you all right?
Ernest P. Worrell [After removing a metal lid that clung to his face, even though the lobster is still stuck to his face]: I recommend the lobster. (laughs)
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: Mr. Poodle-Smurf is lucky to have me. One day, I'm gonna walk into his office and I'll say: 'Oscar Babe'.
Oscar Pendlesmythe: WHAT?
Ernest P. Worrell: Oh good morning Mr. Poodle-Smurf, Puddle-Smit, Smiddle-Poot...
Oscar Pendlesmythe: Pendlesmythe, you idiot!
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: Oh, I'm sorry, I don't think our table has any steak sauce!
Guard [Crossly]: Get up!
Ernest P. Worrell: Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners, I should have waited for the others!
Guard: (blows whistle) Eat, Greaseball!
Ernest P. Worrell: I didn't order a grease ball.
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: Peter Pan, eat your heart out! (hums)
Felix Nash: Here, have a seat! [Throws a chair at Ernest]
View Quote Ernest P. Worrell: So, it's come to this. A pointless, miserable end to a shallow, meaningless life. But it's as it should be. It's the hand I've been dealt, and I have to play it as it lays. Oh, I'm not going to cry because life's thrown me a curve. I'm not going to whine because I got mashed potatoes when French fries is what I really wanted. It's time for me to step up to the plate, belly up to the bar! It's time for me to look fate square in the eye, flare my nostrils, breathe life's last breath! It's time for me to lie down with lions so I can soar with the eagles! All right! I'm ready! Come and get me! Let's do it!
Prison guard: Come on Nash, it's time!
Ernest P. Worrell: Oh, oh. I don't wanna die!