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True Lies

True Lies quotes

66 total quotes

Albert Gibson
Harry Tasker
Helen Tasker
Juno Skinner
Spencer Trilby

View Quote Helen Tasker: Have you ever killed anyone?
Harry Tasker: Yeah, but they were all bad.
View Quote Party Guard: Can I see your invitation?
Harry Tasker: Sure, here's my invitation. [blows shed sky-high]
View Quote Samir: Is there anything you'd like to tell me before we start?
Harry Tasker: Yeah: I'm going to kill you pretty soon.
View Quote Simon: Looks like she could suck start a leaf blower, Titties that make you want to sit up and ask for buttermilk, ass like a 10 year old boy.
View Quote Spencer Trilby: You're on Harry's team, right.
Faisil: Yes.
Spencer Trilby: So what makes you think that the slack I cut him in anyway translates to you?
View Quote [about Harry's daughter]
Albert Gibson: Do you think she's still a virgin.
Harry Tasker: Don't be ridiculous, she's only - what is she now?
Albert Gibson: She's fourteen!
Harry Tasker: She's fourteen years old!
Albert Gibson: Yeah, and her little hormones are going off like a car alarm.
View Quote [Harry is commandeering a Harrier to rescue his daughter.]
Albert Gibson: Harry, do you realize it has been, if fact, ten years since you've been behind the wheel of one of these things?
Harry Tasker: If I break it, they can take it outta my pay.
View Quote [Harry is reading the tapped phone conversations from Helen, and notices something, pulling over.]
Harry Tasker: Give me the page!
Albert Gibson: What?
Harry Tasker: This jumps from page 9 to page 11.
Albert Gibson: [looks at paper] Must be a typo.
Harry Tasker: [shouts] Give me the goddamn page.
[Harry smashes the passenger side of the window with his bare fist. Gibson looks at the window, and quickly grabs page 10 from his coat.]
Albert Gibson: OK.
View Quote [Harry returns to the van after escaping the castle.]
Harry Tasker: Hi guys.
Albert Gibson: Well that worked real good. Right out of the old front gate.
Harry Tasker: Can you lean back for a second...
[Harry shoots two remaining pursuers.]
View Quote [Salim Abu Aziz reveals a nuclear weapon.]
Salim Abu Aziz: Do you know what this is?
Harry Tasker: I know what this is...
[Salim smiles]
Harry Tasker: This is an espresso machine.
[Salim frowns]
Harry Tasker: No, no wait. It's a snow cone maker.
[Salim approaches Harry]
Harry Tasker: Is it a water heater?
View Quote [Simon is attempting to have sex with Helen.]
Helen Tasker: No, I can't. I can't!
[Simon is still persuing.]
Simon: If not for me, Helen, do it for your country!
View Quote [Talking about Helen Tasker, in a car with Simon.]
Helicopter Pilot: Oh yeah, she's got her head in the guy's lap all right. Yahoo.
Albert Gibson: [to Harry Tasker] Maybe she's sleepy.
View Quote [to Dana, who's wearing a helmet] Yeah, I remember the first time I got shot out of a cannon.
View Quote Blow me.
View Quote BYE!