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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou quotes

115 total quotes

Alistair Hennessy
Bill Ubell
Jane Winslett-Richardson
Klaus Daimler
Ned Plimpton
Oseary Drakoulias
Steve Zissou

Jane: I'm going to have to start locking my effing door.
Steve: It was locked, I kicked it in. Why don't you just curse like other people?
Jane: Because I'm trying to get out of the habit before I have my ****ing baby!

Jane: In twelve years he'll be eleven and a half.
Steve: That was my favorite age.

Jane: Steve, it's way safer for us to just do what they say. They probably just want our money and jewels and shit.
Steve: Yeah. Then how am I gonna finish my movie then?

Jane: You're too old for me, Steve.
Steve: Yeah, well, you're pregnant.

Klaus: So, you really think you're a Zissou.
Ned: I don't know.
Klaus: Well, you traveled a long way for "I don't know," sonny.
Ned: That's true. But it's important to me.
Klaus: Yeah? Well, there are a lot of things that are important to some people around here, sonny.
Ned: Klaus, don't call me "sonny."
Klaus: And one more thing: It's the Steve Zissou show, not the Ned show. [slaps Ned in the face] You hear me?
Ned: Yes, I do. Klaus?
Klaus: Ja?
Ned: If you ever touch me again, I will kick your goddamn teeth out. Is that understood?
Klaus: Not if I don't see you first, sonny.

Klaus: Thank you for putting me on the flag, Ned.
Ned: Of course, Klaus. It was my pleasure.
Klaus: Yeah, but you stitched me onto the dolphin, and I want you to know how much that means to me.
Ned: Well, I'm very pleased you liked it.
Klaus: Y-You're not listening. I didn't just like it. [Klaus salutes Ned] You understand?
Ned: Yes, I do. [Ned salutes in return] Thank you, Klaus.

Ned: Captain Zissou my name is Ned Plimpton...
Steve: OK, Man.

Ned: I'm gonna fight you, Steve.
[Steve hits Ned in the face]
Steve: You never say, "I'm gonna fight you, Steve." You just smile and act natural, and then you sucker-punch him.
Ned : You fight your way, and I'll fight mine.
Steve: Oh, listen, Ned. Don't you try to...
[Ned hits Steve in the face]
Steve: I think your Team Zissou ring might've caught me on the lip.

Ned: Stevesy, what's happenin'? Are those hijackers?
Steve: Well, we call them pirates out here, Ned. You were supposed to be on watch, by the way.

Ned: What happened to Jacqueline?
Steve: She didn't really love me.

Ned: When'd you first hear about me?
Steve: About five years ago. I read it in an article about myself.
Ned: Did you believe it?
Steve: It was in the paper. I assumed they checked their facts.

Ned: Who locked us out?
Anne-Marie: No-one, we're trespassing.
Ned: Steve, are we allowed in here?
Steve: It's a scientific community, man.

Ned: Why didn't you ever try to contact me?
Steve: Because I hate fathers, and I never wanted to be one.

Ned: You don't know me. You never wanted to know me. I'm just a character in your film.
Steve: It's a do****entary. It's all really happening.
Ned: Well, damn you for that.

Oseary Drakoulias: [on a speaker phone] I spoke with Larry Amin, and it's a pass.
Steve: In other words, you ****ed us!
Oseary Drakoulias: Let's not cast stones at one another, my dear. Do you hear me, damn it? Do you?
Steve: No, I don't! I told you how to play it!
Oseary Drakoulias: Oh, bloody hell! You listen here, mate!
Ned: Can I interrupt for a second?
Oseary Drakoulias: Who the blazes is that?
Ned: It's me, Ned. Maybe this is nothing, maybe it's something. I don't know what your problems are, I don't know... but I just inherited $275,000. Would that amount make any difference?
Oseary Drakoulias: What sort of expression is the lad wearing on his face?