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Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles quotes

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Hedley Lamarr
Jim, The Waco Kid
Multiple Characters

View Quote (after worker faints from the heat) Dock that ch***k a day's pay for nappin' on the job.
View Quote (holding his gun to his head) Nobody moves or the **** gets it!
View Quote (taunting Klansmen) Hey, where all da white women at?
View Quote (when confronted with a toll booth) ... "Le Petomane Through Way"? Now what'll that asshole think of next? Has anybody got a dime? (cowboys grumble) Somebody's gotta go back and get a shitload of dimes!
View Quote (writing telegram) Send a wire to the main office... tell them you said "ow". Gotcha.
View Quote Lily: (with Bart in the dark) Is it twue what they say about your people being... gifted? (loud unzipping noise) Oh it's TWUE! It's twue, it's twue!
View Quote Lily: Hello handsome. Is that a ten-gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?
View Quote Lily: Ooh, a wed wose. How...womantic.
View Quote Mexican Outlaw: Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!
View Quote Mongo: (about to open an exploding candy-gram) Mongo like candy.
View Quote Mongo: Don't know. Got to do with where choo-choo go...
View Quote Mongo: Mongo only pawn in game of life.
View Quote Olson Johnson: All right, we'll give some land to the ****s and the ****, but we don't want the IRISH.
View Quote Bart: Are we awake?
The Waco Kid: We are not sure. Are
Bart: Yes we are.
The Waco Kid: Then we're awake. But we're very puzzled.
View Quote Bart: Excuse me while I whip this out...
[People cringe back and a woman screams - he pulls out a letter - people sigh, almost sounding disappointed]
Bart (continuing): By the power invested in me by the honorable William J. Le Petomane--
[People start ****ing guns and pointing them at Bart]
Bart (continuing): I hereby assume the duties of sheriff in and for the township of Rockridge.
Reverend: Gentlemen, gentlemen, let's not let anger rule the day! (waving Bible) As your spiritual leader, I implore you to pay heed to this good book and what it has to saaaayyy!
[A hole is shot through the Bible; the Reverend turns to Bart]
Reverend: Son, you're on your own. (exit Reverend)