N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote Leo: Ha-ha! No doubt about it. She loved us!
Mikey: It was the impressions, dudes!
Donnie: You wish.
Leo: Hold it!
View Quote Leonardo: [To Raphael, upon seeing that Raph has brought an unconscious April O'Neil back to their sewer den; in absolute and utter disbelief] Are you crazy?
Raph: [sarcastically] Yeah, Leo, I'm crazy, okay?! A loony, okay?!
Donatello: Why?
Raph: [sarcastically] "Why?"! Why, oh, I don't know, because I wanted to redecorate! You know, a couple of throw pillows, a TV news reporter, what do you think?! [Leo grunts]
Splinter: [walks into the common area to discover the cause of all the commotion] Raphael, what are you doing?!
Raph: [trying to stay out of trouble; grumbles nervously] She got jumped in the subway, I had to bring her here.
Donatello: It's the news lady.
Michelangelo: [hopefully] Can we keep her?
Splinter: [reluctantly; to the Turtles] Bring water, cold washcloth, pillow.
View Quote Mikey: [yawns] Oh, man, I could go for a little deep dish action right about now.
Danny: I had some pizza down here the other day. There might be some left over. [Donnie notices the pizza box]
Mikey: [runs over to the table as April laughs. Donnie takes a look inside the box, but quickly closes it] Well?
Donnie: Question.
Mikey: [growing impatient] Ugh. Yeah?
Donnie: Do you like penicillin on your pizza? [shows Mikey that the pizza has developed mold on it]
Mikey: D'oh! [he and Donnie start humming "Taps"]
View Quote Mikey: Yes, friends, the new Turbo Ginsu! Wa-hoo! [tosses the pizza while Leonardo slices it] It dices, it slices, and yet makes French fries in three different- [a pizza slice lands on Splinter's head] WHOOPS!
Splinter: [annoyed but unimpressed] Mmm, kids.
View Quote Pizza delivery guy: [pulls up on his scooter outside an apartment building] Okay. [removes pizza from a pouch on the back of the scooter and whistles] Now, 122. [looks closer at the address of the order] 122 1/8? [looks around for the address] 122...1/8. [annoyed because he can't find it] Terrific. Where the heck is 122 1/8?
Mikey: [from the sewer grate on the street, which surprises the pizza delivery guy] You're standin' on it, dude. [pokes a ten dollar bill up through the grate] Just slip it down here.
Pizza delivery guy: [warily slides the pizza down through the grate while simultaneously taking the money] Gimme that! [starts back to his scooter before noticing the amount of money he was given and turning back toward the grate] Hey, this is a $10. The tab's $13!
Mikey: You're two minutes late, dude!
Pizza delivery guy: [kneels down upon the grate] Aw, come on, I couldn't find the place!
Mikey: Wise man say "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."
Pizza delivery guy: [stands upon realizing how weird the situation is and heads back to his scooter, muttering] I gotta get a new route. And I thought I delivered everywhere.
View Quote Raph: Where's Splinter?
Shredder: [realizes what Raph means] Ah, the rat. So it has a name? [thinking that Splinter's dead; sadistically] It had a name.
Leo: [angrily growls; screams] YOU LIE!!!
Shredder: [evilly smirks] Do I?
[Leo angrily screams and charges toward Shredder, but Shredder flips Leo, and points his yari to Leo's neck]
Shredder: [to Raph, Donnie and Mikey; referring to Leo] He dies. [Raph, Donnie, and Mikey gasp; gestures with his head] Weapons. [the remaining three turtles hesitate] Now! [Raph, Donnie, and Mikey reluctantly discard their weapons to save Leo.] Fools. [chortles] The three of you might have overpowered me with the loss of but one. Now your fate... WILL BE HIS!!! [holds up his yari and prepares to impale Leo]
Raph, Mikey, and Donnie: [alarmed; pleadingly] NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!!!
[suddenly, Splinter appears, startling Shredder]
Mikey: [relieved] Splinter!
[Leonardo, seeing Shredder distracted, rolls away back to the other Turtles]
Splinter: Yes, Oroku Saki, I know who you are. We met many years ago... in the home of my master, Hamato Yoshi!
[Shredder removes his mask, revealing the scars underneath from their last encounter, revealing him to be Oroku Saki]
Raph: [referring to the Shredder, known as Oroku Saki] It's him.
Shredder: [absolutely horrified] You. [angrily] Now I will finish.... what I began with your ear! [attempts to joust Splinter, but his yari is caught in a nunchaku chain and he is hanging over the edge of a building]
Splinter: Death comes for us all, Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be... [Shredder reaches for the back of his belt, takes out a knife and throws it at Splinter, who dodges and grabs it and, at the same time, releases Shredder, who, while screaming, falls into the garbage truck] ...without honor.
Casey: [sarcastically] Oops! [activates the trash compactor with Shredder inside]
View Quote Raphael: [tries sneaking in late after his encounter with Casey]
Splinter: [lights a match, revealing he's been waiting for Raph to return home] Raphael... [Raph sighs] come sit by me.
Raph: [stressed] Couldn't this wait 'til morning?
Splinter: [firmly] You will listen now! [Raph relents and joins him] My Master Yoshi's first rule was "possess the right thinking." Only then can one recieve the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace. I have tried to channel your anger, Raphael, but more remains. Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy. [Raph listens in silence as Splinter continues] You are unique among your brothers, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them. And do not forget me. [reaches to touch Raph's head, causing Raph to weep] I am here, my son.
View Quote Splinter: For 15 years now, we have lived here. Before that time, I was a pet of my Master Yoshi, mimicking his movements from my cage and learning the secret art of Ninja. When we were forced to come to New York, I found myself, for the first time, without a home, wandering the sewers, scavenging for whatever I could find. And then, one day, I came upon a shattered glass jar and four baby turtles.
Mikey: That was us.
Raph: [annoyed] Shut up.
Donnie: [annoyed] Ohhh, no.
Splinter: The little ones were crawling into a strange, glowing ooze from a broken canister nearby. I gathered them up in an old coffee can, and when I awoke the next morning, I received a shock, for they had doubled in size. I, too, was growing, particularly in intellect, and I was amazed at how intelligent they seemed, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next - 1 of them spoke.
Baby turtle in flashback: Pizza. Pizza!
Splinter: More words followed, and I began their training, teaching them all that I had learned from my master.
Baby turtle in flashback: Radical, radical, radical, radical....
Splinter: And soon, I gave them all names - Leonardo, Michelangelo...
Mikey: That’s me.
Splinter: ...Donatello and Raphael.
View Quote Tatsu: [to Shredder on the Foot's growing influence over the city] Your empire flourishes, Master Shredder.
Foot Ninja in background: Oh, no, no, no. That's a stereo.
Shredder: [inquiring updates on Splinter's interrogation] What more from the rat?
Tatsu: Nothing. He will not speak.
Shredder: [regarding Danny's whereabouts] And the boy who led us to the Turtles?
Tatsu: He is still missing. [wondering why Shredder's so troubled by the Turtles] I do not understand. Why do the Turtles trouble you, Master? They have not been seen for many days.
Shredder: Something.... about the way you described their fighting. Something familiar. Something... [pauses; realizing that Splinter and the Turtles might have some connection to Hamato Yoshi] ...from the past.
View Quote [after Raphael gets a mention from April on the news]
Donnie: [teasingly] Hey, look. Nyuk-nyuk. I think he's blushing.
Raph: [defensively] I am not.
Donnie: [thinking Raph is lying; still teasingly] I think he's actually turning red. [Raph angrily chucks a Sai into the floor between Donnie's legs; shocked] Uh, hmm. Maybe not.
View Quote [April is called into Sterns' office]
Chief Sterns: O'Neil! Get in here!
April: [sighs, to the technician] Time me.
Sterns: [tired of her constant investigation] Just what is it that you hope to accomplish out there, besides busting my chops?!
April: I think you know just as much as I do about the Foot Clan, and I don't think you're doing anything about it.
Sterns: [getting increasingly agitated] You expect me to waste precious manpower because some immigrants are reminded of something that supposedly happened years ago in Japan?!
April: [sarcastically] Have you got something else?
Sterns: [angrily screams] ARE YOU TRYING' TO TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB?!?!
[April runs out of Sterns' office in fright as the door slams shut behind her]
Technician: 1:07, a new record.
View Quote [two Foot Ninjas are left after Raphael defeats a large number; they look at each other in fright and confusion.]
Raphael: I mean, come on, how do you guys expect to beat me? [camera pans as an overwhelming number of Foot Ninjas leap onto the rooftop.] Good answer. Good answer.
View Quote [Watching an argument starting between Leonardo and Raphael]
Mikey: Fight?
Donnie: Fight.
Mikey: Kitchen?
Donnie: Kitchen.
Mikey: Yeah.
[later, while eating pork rinds]
Mikey: [hands him a pork rind] Pork Rind?
Donnie: [takes the pork rind] Pork Rind.
View Quote [while fighting The Foot]
Mikey: Hey, Donnie, looks like this one is suffering from shell shock.
Donnie: Too derivative.
Mikey: Well, I guess we can really shell it out.
Donnie: Too cliché.
Mikey: Well, it was a shell of a good hit!
Donnie: I like it! [to next opponent] Step up!
View Quote [Raphael: Where's Splinter?] Ah, the rat. So it has a name. It HAD a name. [Leonardo: YOU LIE!] [Smirks] Do I?