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April O'Neil quotes

View Quote [Opening Lines] Much more than just a series of small, isolated incidents, it's now apparent that an organized criminal element is at work. And at the moment, business is good. So good in fact that there appear to be no eyewitnesses to any of these crimes. With complaints ranging from purse snatching to breaking and entering, police switchboards have been swamped with the angry voices of more and more citizens who have fallen prey to the recent surge of crime that continues to plague the city. Instead of getting better, things are actually getting worse. Even more alarming is the baffling and often bizarre nature of these crimes. Merchandise of every size and description, from skateboards to stereo systems, has been disappearing from store shelves and storage areas at an alarming rate. Even the victims themselves rarely catch a glimpse of the thieves. Many don't even know they've been victimized until it's too late. In fact, police have yet to come up a single eyewitness. Only a few vague reports of young boys or teenagers at the scenes have been filed, but whoever is behind these crimes, one thing is certain, these are much than just a series of random isolated incidents. Crimes without criminals? An invisible gang at work? Who are we gonna call? Unfortunately, the police are the only ones to combat what some are already dubbing "The Silent Crime Wave", but perhaps the most disturbing silence is that coming from city hall. April O'Neil, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.
View Quote And then there's Casey Jones, a 9-year-old trapped in a man's body. He might almost be cute if it wasn't for that pigheadedness.
View Quote [to Chief Sterns] Would you mind repeating it, in English, perhaps?
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