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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse quotes

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Uncle Aaron

View Quote Aunt May: Peter knew how dangerous the job was. But he figured the only one who could stop this guy was Spider-Man.
Miles Morales: Kingpin knows we're coming. We're going to be outnumbered.
Aunt May: Don't be so sure. You might need these. You think you're the only people who thought to come here?
Peter Parker / Spider-Man Noir: Hey, fellas.
Miles Morales: Is he in black and white?
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Where's that wind coming from? We're in a basement.
Spider-Man Noir: Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind, it smells like rain.
Peni Parker / Sp//dr: Hi, guys! Konichiwa! Hajimemashite yoroshiku!
Peter B. Parker: This could literally not get any weirder.
Peter Porker / Spider-Ham: It can get weirder. I just washed my hands. That's why they're wet. No other reason.
All six Spiders: You're like me.
Spider-Man Noir: My name is Peter Parker.
Peni Parker: My name is Peni Parker.
Spider-Ham: My name is Peter Porker.
Spider-Man Noir and Peni Parker: I was bitten by a radioactive spider.
Spider-Ham: I was bitten by a radioactive pig.
Spider-Man Noir: In my universe, it's 1933, and I'm a private eye. I like to drink egg creams, and I like to fight Nazis. A lot.
Peni Parker: I'm from New York in the year 3145. I have a psychic link with a spider who lives inside my father's robot. And we're best friends. Forever.
Spider-Man Noir: Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something, anything.
Spider-Ham: I'm a photographer for the Daily Beagle. When I'm not pooching around, I'm working like a dog, trying to sniff out the latest story. I frolic and I dance And I do this With my pants
Peter B. Parker: Okay! Enough! So how did you get here?
Spider-Man Noir: Well, it's kind of a long story. Maybe not that long.
Peni Parker: And now we're just trying to find a way home.
Spider-Man Noir: The only way home is back through that collider gizmo. The only trouble is'…
Spider-Ham: One of us has to stay behind and destroy it.
Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Ham: I'll do it.
Miles Morales: No, no, no. You guys don't get it.
Peni Parker: Don't get what? (Everyone starts glitching and grunting.)
Miles Morales: None of you can stay here. If you stay here, you'll die. I'm the guy who's gonna turn it off. And I'm gonna get you all home before I do. Look, I made a promise. So I have to keep it.
Spider-Man Noir: Who are you again?
Peter B. Parker: This is Miles. And he's gonna save the multiverse.
Miles Morales: Yeah, man.
Peter B. Parker: This kid can turn himself invisible. Watch this. He can do it now.
Miles Morales: I can't do it on command.
Peter B. Parker: He can't do it on command. But it is cool. Show 'em the zappy thing, Miles.
Miles Morales: Can't do it on command.
Peter B. Parker: He can't do it on command. But he can do so much more. What else do you do?
Miles Morales: Just those two things.
Peter B. Parker: Just those two things.
Spider-Man Noir: Aw, man.
Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: Look, I've seen him in action. He's got potential. I think he's gonna get us home.
Spider-Man Noir: Okay, little fella, Kingpin's gonna send a lot of mugs after ya. I'm talkin' hard boys, real biscuit boxers. Can you fight them all off at once?
Miles Morales: I haven't actually fought anyone.
Spider-Man Noir: Surprise attack!
Peni Parker: Can you rewire a mainframe while being shot at?
Miles Morales: Can I what?
Peni Parker: Show me!
Spider-Man Noir: Surprise attack!
Gwen Stacy: Can you swing and flip with the grace of a trained dancer?
Spider-Man Noir: Can you close off your feelings so you don't get crippled by the moral ambiguity of your violent actions?
Aunt May: Can you help your aunt create an online dating profile so she can get out of the dang house once in a while?
Spider-Ham: Can you float through the air when you smell a delicious pie?
Miles Morales: (softly) What?
Gwen Stacy: Can you be strong?
Peni Parker: Ruthless?
Gwen Stacy: Disciplined?
Miles Morales: I don't know. Maybe.
Peni Parker: Psychic?
Spider-Man Noir: Show me some moxie, soldier!
Gwen Stacy: Above all, no matter how many times you get hit, can you get back up?
Spider-Man Noir: 'Cause when a Spider-Man is on the floor–
Spider-Ham: When you think you can't keep goin'–
Gwen Stacy: Come on, Miles.
Peni Parker: Come on. You can do it.
Gwen Stacy: You can do this.
Peter B. Parker: Hey. Guys, cool it.
Peni Parker: Come on. You can do it.
Spider-Man Noir: Get up, Miles.
Gwen Stacy: Come on, Miles. Get up.
(Miles stays down.)
Gwen Stacy: (As they're talking softly to Peter B. about Miles.) You need to be more honest with yourself about this. He's not ready. It's obvious.
Spider-Man Noir: There's no way. He's just a kid.
Gwen Stacy: If he can't do this, we have to stay and do it for him.
Spider-Man Noir: He's looking right at us while we talk about him.
Peter B. Parker: Miles? Miles? You see that? He can, um... He can turn invisible.
View Quote Brooklyn Bystander: [looking at a glitched stoplight] Yeah, I think it's a Banksy.
View Quote Brooklyn Visions Security Guard: Hey! I know you snuck out last night, Morales.
Miles Morales: [thinking] (Play dumb!) [out loud] Who's Morales? [thinking] (Not that dumb!)
View Quote Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: Guess this is it.
Peni Parker / Sp//dr: Well, nice to know we're not alone. Right?
Gwen Stacy: Yeah.
Miles Morales / Spider-Man: I got the portal open. You first, Peni.
Peni Parker: Thank you, Miles. From both of us.
Spider-Man Noir: I, uh, love you all. I'm taking this cube thing with me. I don't understand it. But I will.
Peter Porker / Spider-Ham: I want you to have this. It'll fit in your pocket. That's all folks.
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Is he allowed to say that, legally?
Miles Morales: Do I get to like the hairdo now?
Gwen Stacy: You know I'm older than you. 15 months, but it's pretty significant if you ask me.
Miles Morales: Well, Einstein said time was relative, right?
Gwen Stacy: Nice.
Miles Morales: Friends?
Gwen Stacy: Friends.
Miles Morales: Cool.
Gwen Stacy: See you around, Spider-Man.
Miles Morales: Your turn.
Peter B. Parker: Yeah, yeah. Right.
Wilson Fisk / Kingpin: You're not going anywhere!
Peter B. Parker: I'll hold him off. You shut this down.
Miles Morales: Peter, that wasn't the deal!
Peter B. Parker: Push the green button! Do not wait for me! What are you doing?
Miles Morales: You gotta go home!
Peter B. Parker: This guy could kill you! I can't let Spider-Man die.
Miles Morales: Neither can I.
Peter B. Parker: It's okay.
Miles Morales: Yeah, it is okay. [trips Peter B. Parker and grabs his shirt before he can fall off] You gotta go home, man.
Peter B. Parker: How do I know I'm not gonna mess it up again?
Miles Morales: You won't.
Peter B. Parker: Right. It's a leap of faith.
[Miles lets go of Peter B. Parker]
Peter B. Parker: Not bad, kid.
View Quote Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: He broke this?
Miles Morales: Yeah. He's actually really embarrassed about it, so just keep it between us, okay?
Gwen Stacy: I know where we can make a new one. And we won't let him break it this time.
Miles Morales: I'm sorry about your friend.
Gwen Stacy: Thanks, Miles. I know how hard this is. To have to figure this stuff out on your own. It's kinda nice not being the only Spider-person around.
Miles Morales: Yeah. If you ever decide to do friends again, I could always open up a slot.
Gwen Stacy: I'll keep you posted.
Miles Morales: Cool.
View Quote Gwen Stacy: [referring to Kingpin] What a pig.
Spider-Ham: [glaring at Gwen offendedly] I'm right here.
View Quote Head Scientist: Spider-Man?
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Oh, hey. Didn't see you there.
Head Scientist: Wow. Okay, I'm kinda freaking out right now. You're supposed to be dead.
Peter B. Parker: Surprise! Okay. That's a no-no. We don't like that.
Head Scientist: This is fascinating.
Peter B. Parker: Okay, that's my face.
Head Scientist: An entirely different Peter Parker. Little bit of a gut, perhaps from dimensional warping.
Peter B. Parker: Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. I was way flatter before I warped.
Head Scientist: Travel through the multiverse appears to have deteriorated the...
Miles Morales: What was the rest?!
Peter B. Parker: Hey, how old are you? 'Cause you don't look a day over 35.
Head Scientist: They said I was crazy! They said I was crazy!
Peter B. Parker: You showed 'em you're not crazy.
Head Scientist: This might pinch a little. I know. I just need to get these samples.
Peter B. Parker: Okay.
Miles Morales: Organize your desktop, lady.
Head Scientist: Wow. Just complete cellular decay. I've never seen anything like this.
Peter B. Parker: What are you doing?
Miles Morales: I'm just taking the whole thing.
Head Scientist: And obviously you've been glitching.
Peter B. Parker: "Glitchin'"? No. Why would you even say that?
Head Scientist: If you stay in this dimension too long, your body's gonna disintegrate. Do you know how painful that would be, Peter Parker?
Peter B. Parker: I don't know.
Head Scientist: You can't imagine. And I, for one, can't wait to watch.
Peter B. Parker: What did you say your name was?
Head Scientist: Dr. Olivia Octavius. [Takes off her lab coat revealing her Doctor Octopus arms]
Peter B. Parker: And I assume your friends call you "Doc Ock"?
Dr. Olivia Octavius: My friends actually call me "Liv". My enemies call me "Doc Ock".
Peter B. Parker: I got this! Run!
Dr. Olivia Octavius / Doctor Octopus: Who are you talking to?
Peter B. Parker: I got it!
Doctor Octopus: Oh, you "got it," Peter?
Peter B. Parker: I got it handled, buddy! Everything is fine! Okay, this– a little bit bad.
Doctor Octopus: You're chatty.
Miles Morales: Gotta go.
Peter B. Parker: This is the moment that I'm losin' the fight. Let me tell you the good news. We don't need the monitor.
Doctor Octopus: Peter! You didn't tell me you had an invisible friend! Could you give me that back, young man?
Miles Morales: Peter!
Doctor Octopus: It's proprietary.
View Quote Jefferson Morales: I love you, Miles.
Miles Morales: Yeah, I know, Dad. See you Friday.
[as Miles turns to walk into school, Jefferson sounds his police alarm and uses his police speakers to get Miles's attention]
Jefferson Davis: You gotta say "I love you" back.
Miles Morales: Dad, are you serious?
[Everyone around stops and looks at them]
Jefferson Davis: I want to hear it.
Miles Morales: You want to hear me say?
Jefferson Davis: "I love you, Dad."
Miles Morales: You’re dropping me off at school.
Jefferson Davis: "I love you, Dad".
Miles Morales: Look at this place.
Jefferson Davis: "Dad, I love you".
Miles Morales: [sighs] Dad, I love you.
Jefferson Davis: That's a copy. [as he drives off] Tie your shoes, please.
View Quote Miles Morales: Hey! Are you okay?
Peter Parker / Spider-Man: I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm just resting.
Miles Morales: Can't you get up?
Peter Parker: Yeah. Ha, ha. Yeah, I always get up. [coughs] The coughing's probably not a good sign.
Wilson Fisk / Kingpin: Find him. Now.
Peter Parker: Listen, we gotta team up here. We don't have that much time. This override key is the only way to stop the collider. Swing up there, use this key, push the button and blow it up. You need to hide your face. You don't tell anyone who you are. No one can know. He's got everyone in his pocket.
Miles Morales: Wha–?
Peter Parker: If he turns the machine on again, everything you know will disappear. Your family, everyone. Everyone. Promise me you'll do this.
Miles Morales: I promise.
Peter Parker: Go. Destroy the collider. I'll come and find you. [coughs] It's gonna be okay.
View Quote Miles Morales: Kingpin. What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing? Whoa! Peter! Peter! Peter!
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: What are you doing here?
Miles Morales: Kingpin's here. Just move over.
Peter B. Parker: You're steppin' on my foot. Go back outside.
Miles Morales: No! I can't sit there and let Spider-Man die without doing anything about it. I'm not doing that again. What?
Peter B. Parker: Most people I meet in the workplace try to kill me, so you're a nice change of pace.
Head Scientist: Mr. Fisk! Look at this data. I know you can't really understand it, but these are really good numbers.
Peter B. Parker: And I got the password.
Head Scientist: Mr. Fisk. If we fire again this week there could be a black hole under Brooklyn. You see this? And this? This is multiple dimensions beginning to crash into each other.
Peter B. Parker: This is pretty standard Spider-Man stakes. You get used to it. Watch this. He's gonna say, "You've got 24 hours."
Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin: You've got 24 hours.
Head Scientist: What this means is there could be a rupture in the space-time continuum.
Peter B. Parker: Ooh. That's bad. Actually, everything she said was bad. I was lying before.
View Quote Miles Morales: So how do we retrace Peter's steps?
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: That's a good question. What would I do if I were me? Got it. Step One: I infiltrate the lab. Two: Find the head scientist's computer.
Miles Morales: That lady with the bike is the head scientist. I saw her in this do****entary.
Peter B. Parker: Cool! Step Three: I reexamine my personal biases. Step Four: I hack the computer.
Miles Morales: It's not technically hacking.
Peter B. Parker: Not now. I just lost my train of thought. Step Five: Download the important stuff. I'll know it when I see it. Step Six: I grab a bagel from the cafeteria and run.
Miles Morales: So, what am I doing?
Peter B. Parker: Step Seven: You stay here. You're lookout. Very important.
Miles Morales: Look, man. You gotta teach me how to do Spider-Man stuff or I won't be able to help.
Peter B. Parker: Watch and learn, kid! I'll quiz ya later!
Miles Morales: Why did I get stuck with the janky, old, broke hobo Spider-Man?! That's new.
View Quote Miles Morales: What's going on?
Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: Bye, Miles.
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Miles, I came to say goodbye.
Miles Morales: We can say goodbye at the collider.
Peter B. Parker: You're not getting it. You're staying here.
Miles Morales: I need to be there. So you can all go home.
Peter B. Parker: They are going home, Miles. I'm the only one stayin'.
Miles Morales: You're taking my place? If you stay here, you'll die.
Peter B. Parker: I'm doing what needs to be done. I just wanted you to hear it from me.
Miles Morales: What about MJ?
Peter B. Parker: Not everything works out, kid. I need the goober. Please don't make me take it from you.
Miles Morales: That's not fair! You gotta tell them I can do this.
Peter B. Parker: It wasn't their decision.
Miles Morales: I gotta make Kingpin pay! You have to let me make him pay!
Peter B. Parker: Miles, you're gonna get yourself killed.
Miles Morales: But I'm ready. I promise!
Peter B. Parker: Then venom-strike me right now. Or turn invisible on command so you can get past me. Look, I know how much you want this, kid.
Peter Parker / Spider-Man Noir: Poor little guy.
Peter B. Parker: But you don't have it yet. I'm sorry.
Miles Morales: When will I know I'm ready?
Peter B. Parker: You won't. It's a leap of faith. That's all it is, Miles. A leap of faith.
View Quote Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Hey, bud. You okay? We've all been there. You know, for me, it was my Uncle Ben.
Peter Parker / Spider-Man Noir: For me, it was my Uncle Benjamin.
Peni Parker / Sp//dr: For me, it was my father.
Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: For me, it was my best friend.
Peter Porker / Spider-Ham: Miles, the hardest thing about this job is you can't always save everybody.
Miles Morales: Look, it was my fault. You wouldn't understand.
Gwen Stacy: Miles, we're probably the only ones who do understand.
Peter B. Parker: Oh, no.
[Miles' roommate walks in with the headphones up to maximum volume]
[Duckwrth – Start a Riot, Feat. Shaboozey]: Who in here trying to start a riot?
Peter B. Parker: That way, that way. Other way, other way, other way, other way.
[Duckwrth]: Who that swinging In the air?
Miles Morales: Hey there.
Spider-Ham: Do animals talk in this dimension? 'Cause I don't wanna freak him out.
[The roommate pass out and fell on the floor.]
[Duckwrth]: Let's stand up, stand up You better just fix your–
View Quote Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Hold on. Let me get you some more data. What are you doing, bud?
Miles Morales: I can't move.
Peter B. Parker: Okay, relax your fingers. We don't have time. Just let go. Be in the moment.
Miles Morales: I am in the moment. It's a terrible moment.
Head Scientist: I'm not refusing.
Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin: No more excuses.
Head Scientist: I just need more time.
Peter B. Parker: They're right there. They're gonna see you. Miles, you gotta unstick. What do you do to relax?
Miles Morales: Relax. Okay, okay, okay. Needless to say, I–
Peter B. Parker: Oh, for crying out loud.
Miles Morales: Callin' it quits Now, baby, I'm a wreck You're a wreck, ooh–
Peter B. Parker: Teenagers are just the worst. Miles, where did you go?
Miles Morales: I'm right here.
Peter B. Parker: Where? I can't see ya.
Miles Morales: I'm right in front of you. Can Spider-Man turn invisible?
Peter B. Parker: Not in my universe.
Miles Morales: Aah! You just poked me in my eye!
Peter B. Parker: This is incredible. Some kind of fight or flight thing.
Miles Morales: What's that?
Peter B. Parker: Remember this password. D-G-F-A-M-P-E-S-A-N-D...
Miles Morales: Slow down!
Peter B. Parker: -4-$-3-5-8-7-6-5-3-4-5-4-5-3-5.
Miles Morales: I need to write it down!
Peter B. Parker: Download the schematic.
Miles Morales: How do I do that?
Peter B. Parker: While I turn on the charm.
View Quote Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Mmm. I love this burger. So delicious. Mm. One of the best burgers I've ever had. In my universe, this place closed six years ago. Mm. I don't know why. I really don't. Mm! You have money, right? I'm not very liquid right now.
Miles Morales: Can we focus?
Peter B. Parker: Mm-hm. Sure.
Miles Morales: The other Peter–
Peter B. Parker: You gonna eat that? I'm listening.
Miles Morales: The other Peter said he was gonna be showing me the ropes.
Peter B. Parker: Wow.
Miles Morales: You got any Spider-Man tips you can tell me now?
Peter B. Parker: Yeah, I got plenty. Disinfect the mask. You're gonna wanna use baby powder in the suit, heavy on the joints. You don't want any chafing, right?
Miles Morales: Anything else?
Peter B. Parker: Nope, that was everything.
Miles Morales: I think you're gonna be a bad teacher.
Peter B. Parker: Uh-uh-uh. Look up where Alchemax is.
Miles Morales: "A private technological campus in Hudson Valley, New York." You can teach me to swing on the way there. Fwsh,fwsh!
Peter B. Parker: [Chuckles] I'm not swinging to the Hudson Valley, Miles. Not after a hearty burger breakfast. Keep your legs fresh. You're gonna thank me later.