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Head Scientist: Spider-Man?
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Oh, hey. Didn't see you there.
Head Scientist: Wow. Okay, I'm kinda freaking out right now. You're supposed to be dead.
Peter B. Parker: Surprise! Okay. That's a no-no. We don't like that.
Head Scientist: This is fascinating.
Peter B. Parker: Okay, that's my face.
Head Scientist: An entirely different Peter Parker. Little bit of a gut, perhaps from dimensional warping.
Peter B. Parker: Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. I was way flatter before I warped.
Head Scientist: Travel through the multiverse appears to have deteriorated the...
Miles Morales: What was the rest?!
Peter B. Parker: Hey, how old are you? 'Cause you don't look a day over 35.
Head Scientist: They said I was crazy! They said I was crazy!
Peter B. Parker: You showed 'em you're not crazy.
Head Scientist: This might pinch a little. I know. I just need to get these samples.
Peter B. Parker: Okay.
Miles Morales: Organize your desktop, lady.
Head Scientist: Wow. Just complete cellular decay. I've never seen anything like this.
Peter B. Parker: What are you doing?
Miles Morales: I'm just taking the whole thing.
Head Scientist: And obviously you've been glitching.
Peter B. Parker: "Glitchin'"? No. Why would you even say that?
Head Scientist: If you stay in this dimension too long, your body's gonna disintegrate. Do you know how painful that would be, Peter Parker?
Peter B. Parker: I don't know.
Head Scientist: You can't imagine. And I, for one, can't wait to watch.
Peter B. Parker: What did you say your name was?
Head Scientist: Dr. Olivia Octavius. [Takes off her lab coat revealing her Doctor Octopus arms]
Peter B. Parker: And I assume your friends call you "Doc Ock"?
Dr. Olivia Octavius: My friends actually call me "Liv". My enemies call me "Doc Ock".
Peter B. Parker: I got this! Run!
Dr. Olivia Octavius / Doctor Octopus: Who are you talking to?
Peter B. Parker: I got it!
Doctor Octopus: Oh, you "got it," Peter?
Peter B. Parker: I got it handled, buddy! Everything is fine! Okay, this– a little bit bad.
Doctor Octopus: You're chatty.
Miles Morales: Gotta go.
Peter B. Parker: This is the moment that I'm losin' the fight. Let me tell you the good news. We don't need the monitor.
Doctor Octopus: Peter! You didn't tell me you had an invisible friend! Could you give me that back, young man?
Miles Morales: Peter!
Doctor Octopus: It's proprietary.

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