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Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman: Guess this is it.
Peni Parker / Sp//dr: Well, nice to know we're not alone. Right?
Gwen Stacy: Yeah.
Miles Morales / Spider-Man: I got the portal open. You first, Peni.
Peni Parker: Thank you, Miles. From both of us.
Spider-Man Noir: I, uh, love you all. I'm taking this cube thing with me. I don't understand it. But I will.
Peter Porker / Spider-Ham: I want you to have this. It'll fit in your pocket. That's all folks.
Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man: Is he allowed to say that, legally?
Miles Morales: Do I get to like the hairdo now?
Gwen Stacy: You know I'm older than you. 15 months, but it's pretty significant if you ask me.
Miles Morales: Well, Einstein said time was relative, right?
Gwen Stacy: Nice.
Miles Morales: Friends?
Gwen Stacy: Friends.
Miles Morales: Cool.
Gwen Stacy: See you around, Spider-Man.
Miles Morales: Your turn.
Peter B. Parker: Yeah, yeah. Right.
Wilson Fisk / Kingpin: You're not going anywhere!
Peter B. Parker: I'll hold him off. You shut this down.
Miles Morales: Peter, that wasn't the deal!
Peter B. Parker: Push the green button! Do not wait for me! What are you doing?
Miles Morales: You gotta go home!
Peter B. Parker: This guy could kill you! I can't let Spider-Man die.
Miles Morales: Neither can I.
Peter B. Parker: It's okay.
Miles Morales: Yeah, it is okay. [trips Peter B. Parker and grabs his shirt before he can fall off] You gotta go home, man.
Peter B. Parker: How do I know I'm not gonna mess it up again?
Miles Morales: You won't.
Peter B. Parker: Right. It's a leap of faith.
[Miles lets go of Peter B. Parker]
Peter B. Parker: Not bad, kid.

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