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View Quote [First lines]
Girl: I've never gone parking before. I'm not really that kind of girl.
Boy: Well, I'm not the kind of guy who would go out with "that" kind of girl.
Girl: Why, that is so sweet... I think.
Boy: There is nothing to be afraid of.
[Alien craft rears up in front of them]
View Quote [Lem leaves his dedication and tries to hot-wire a car to go rescue Chuck]
Neera: [follows him] Lem? [Lem doesn't respond; sighs] I know I was kind of harsh. I'm really sorry.
Lem: [Gets his finger shocked] OUCH! [Sees Neera] Oh, hi, Neera.
Neera: What are you doing?
Lem: It's called hot-wiring. It's how they start cars on Earth.
Neera: Lem... um, I was thinking. Well, you know, now that this is all over--
Lem: Yeah, Neera?
Neera: Maybe... we could--
[Car ignites ruining the moment]
View Quote [Skiff gives Lem a cork]
Lem: A cork?
Skiff: It's your best defense against the aliens favorite form of research: the probe. You put it in your... [points at his butt]
Lem: [Nervously] Yeah, yeah, yeah! I think I get it.
Skiff: [Holds out another cork] Oh, wait This one's yours. [Points at the cork Lem's holding] I already used that one.
[Lem exclaims in disgust]
View Quote [A tank pointing at him and Lem] We better RUN!!
View Quote [About the universe] There's billions of galaxies, and in each galaxy there's billions of stars. Next to that, kid, our planets are just... dust in the wind.
View Quote [After Chuck "releases" Lem] Grawl: How about it, Professor?
Kipple: Hmmm. Difficult to tell. [To Lem] Do you still believe the alien is friendly?
Lem: [looks at Chuck, who shakes his head, lightly; sighs] No.
Kipple: This boy is free!
View Quote [After Chuck's landing] Mom, Dad!! There is a ship in the-- [looks at his parents direction and surprisingly sees Chuck]
View Quote [After getting fired] Oh, great! Just great! Fired! Say, why don't you harvest my organs, and GET IT OVER WITH!! [Slams door]
View Quote [After getting his job] Hey, I can see my whole life! A house, a car, two kids, they'll grow up and have kids. They'll come home to visit on holidays.
View Quote [After Neera rejects him] Oh, great. This day just keeps getting better and better.
View Quote [After several knocks on his door] Oh, great. let's just have a party!
View Quote [After watching Prof. Kipple telling what to do when Aliens invade on TV] Lem: Jail? [Chuckling] This is great! Yesterday, my life was perfect. And now, I'm the most wanted super-criminal in the world.
Chuck: At least you have a world. I'll probably never see mine again.
View Quote [Chuck explains Lem about galaxies] Lem: So... nothing I knew was right?
Chuck: Come on! You knew about Neera. [Holds out Lem's picture of her] I mean look at her! Lose the antenna, get some plastic surgery, she's a hottie.
Lem: I don't have the "right stuff", like you.
[Short pause]
Chuck: Kid… I never had the "right stuff". I'm a buttom-pusher; a spam-in-a-can. I don't even fly the ship; it's all automatic. I only got this far on my charm and rugged good looks. You risked everything to help a stranger from another world. You're the one with the "right stuff." [Rubs Lem's head]
View Quote [Chuck is unmasked in front of the whole city; Grawl walks toward him] Grawl: Look at it, Professor. He's hideous! And that smell.
Chuck: Hey! You try wearing the same suit for 3 weeks!
View Quote [Chuck just pretended to placed a spell on two soldiers] Chuck: Hey, maybe, they can get me on my ship.
Lem: I'm leaning towards "probably not." [Rover turns on the TV, showing a reporter] But I think I know who can.