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Charles "Chuck" T. Baker quotes

View Quote [Steps on a rubber duck] What the...? Duck? [sees Neera and Lem's parents staring at him, and gulps]
View Quote [Taking off his helmet] I can breathe, I can breathe!
View Quote [Thinking of a lie to convince Lem to help] But I suppose you could leave me stranded. My wife will have to support the kids. 11. We have eleven kids, always hungry. Yeah, yeah, but hey, they'll get by without a father. The important thing here is for you to avoid a little trouble.
View Quote [To Rover] Hey! A planet full of aliens, and you sent back pictures of rocks?! Bad boy! Bad boy!
View Quote [Giving advice on love] Why do chicks dig me? Because I'm handsome? Because I'm an astronaut? Yes and yes. But, it's also because of Chuck Baker's three steps to romance: Spot your prey. Make your move. Show no mercy. [suavely] Hey, baby. I saw you across the bar. Are sparks flying or is this place on fire.
View Quote [A tank pointing at him and Lem] We better RUN!!
View Quote [In a room with elderly women holding a tea party; to Lem] Let the doctor handle this. [Clears throat] Ladies, who wants to meet an astronaut? [Ladies throws cups at him] Ladies, one at a time! I'm on Facebook.
View Quote [About the universe] There's billions of galaxies, and in each galaxy there's billions of stars. Next to that, kid, our planets are just... dust in the wind.
View Quote [To Lem, while after pretending to release him from his control] Kid, I'm going down, anyway. There's no need for you to come with me. Thanks... for everything.
View Quote [To Grawl after the chain reaction] You're not thinking all of this is my fault, right?
View Quote [The teens come to rescue him] Guys! This is so Luke Skywalker! [Noticing Neera standing next to Lem] Uh, by the way. You're not brother and sister, right?
View Quote [Last line] You're a great planet and you're 50s are fine, but gimme a call when you get to the 60s… 'cause that's gonna be fun!
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