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Lem quotes

View Quote [During a show at the Planetarium] Space... a universe of mystery. Well, today, the mystery will be unveiled. Thanks to science, we know the universe is nearly 500 miles long, and it contains—you're not going to believe this—over 1,000 stars.
View Quote [To a panicked crowd] Okay, everyone, everyone, please, listen up. We're not getting eaten, or harvested, or having our brains barbecued. The universe isn't scary. It's really amazing. [Crowd stares] And don't forget to pick up your planetary yo-yos! [picks out a yo-yo and does a trick] We've got one for each of you. [crowd cheers]
View Quote [To Skiff and Eckle after the show] You are looking at the new Junior Assistant Curator! High four! [Lem and Skiff does a "high four"]
View Quote [After getting his job] Hey, I can see my whole life! A house, a car, two kids, they'll grow up and have kids. They'll come home to visit on holidays.
View Quote [Watching Neera and Glar walk in the park with a protestant group; Mimicking Glar] "Oooh, the cause, man!" [Normal voice] I'd like to cause him some PAIN! [Hits the telescope, which hits his face; To his three fish] I don't want to hear a single bubble. [The fish hold it in and one of them farts] Especially you, Bubbles.
View Quote [After Chuck's landing] Mom, Dad!! There is a ship in the-- [looks at his parents direction and surprisingly sees Chuck]
View Quote Neera, you have to choose. It's either me or Glar. [Mimicking Neera] Oh, Lem, There is no question. It's you, of course.
View Quote [To Chuck as they hide in his bedroom] Look, I said I will take you to your flying saucer, okay? Well, there it is! Now leave! [looks out the window; sighs] I'll get you a blanket and a pillow for the night.
View Quote [After several knocks on his door] Oh, great. let's just have a party!
View Quote [After Neera rejects him] Oh, great. This day just keeps getting better and better.
View Quote [Sees Chuck on TV, quoting Darth Vader] SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!
View Quote We got to get out of here, now!
View Quote [After getting fired] Oh, great! Just great! Fired! Say, why don't you harvest my organs, and GET IT OVER WITH!! [Slams door]
View Quote No! You're making a mistake he's friendly
View Quote [Sighs] No.
View Quote [To the crowd] Space isn't 500 miles. It's not. It's so much bigger than we could imagine. There is billions of galaxies, and each galaxy has billions of stars! Next to that, our planet is just -- [Pause] Excuse me. [Leaves the Planetarium]
View Quote [To Grawl] I know what you are afraid of... and it is not Chuck. It's not monsters or, or aliens. it's the unknown. I spent my whole life running from it. And I think, maybe, you have, too. But, I'm telling you. The unknown isn't something to be afraid of. It can be your best friend. And just when you think that it means the end of everything you know, it's really... just the beginning.
View Quote [To soldiers & Kipple as Base 9 is about to blow] Wh-Wh-What are you looking at?! RUUUUUUN!!
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