N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote Leonidas: Oh, go **** yourselves! [shoves Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell into the pit of death]
View Quote Britney Spears: [while falling into the Pit of Death] K-Fed! Come back to me! Please! I'll let ya! I'll let ya under my skirt!
View Quote Brittney Spears: (singing and shaving head) Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Uh-Huh. Yeah. (talking) I don't know why y'all have to always get on my back for everything. I'm a responsible adult. Look at me-I'm booby-feeding my baby. Sometimes I like to give him fried milk. I call 'em milk poppers. It's just like breast milk, but it's fried. And you just pop 'em in your mouth. He loves 'em. Don't you, baby! (singing) Goo-goo. Gah-gah. Gah-gah, gah-gah-gah-gah. (raspy panting in baby's face) (talking) I'm a smart shopper. I got this entire outfit in an alleyway from a Mexico woman. (singing) Bargain...Shopping...Yeah. (talking) Why do y'all think I'm messed up? Shit! Do I look crazy to you? (sighs and spreads legs)
View Quote Captain: I'm gonna go Hercules on your ass!
Leonidas: Who is that? (looking at a hunk coming)
Captain: That's my son. Sonio.
Leonidas: Well, he's got a huge package.
(Cut to Sonio, who is carrying a huge package (Which is a large cardboard box) with him)
View Quote Chris Crocker: [on the Xerxestron] Chris Crocker (Internet celebrity)#Leave Britney Alone!|Leave Britney alone! Please!
View Quote Donald Trump: Spidey, you're fired! [cuts the webbing Queen Margo, who's dressed as Bad Spider-Man, is hanging from; she shoots webbing, which removes Trump's wig and causes him to freak out]
View Quote Le Chiffre: Tell me Mr. Bond, what is the account number?
Leonidas: (tied to a chair) Who the hell is Mr. Bond? I'm Leonidas!
Le Chiffre: You're testing my patience, Double-o.
Leonidas: I told you, I am not double[gets harassed in the rear]-oooo! Ooooo! Little Miss Sunshine!
Le Chiffre: Here's a nice one [scoops a spoonful of Pedigree] oooohhhh! Say hello to Captain Adorable!
View Quote Leonidas' Grandmother: Come on, you little shit! Come on! You can't beat me! You're never gonna be a Spartan! Never!
Young Leonidas: Take this, Granny! [punches his grandmother in the face, causing her dentures to fall out]
View Quote Leonidas: Adjust your sword, boy, it's digging into my back.
Sonio: But I’m not wearing my sword.
Leonidas: [pause] Carry on then.
View Quote Leonidas: I'm sorry, but we cannot use you.
Paris Hilton: Ah! Ah! No-o! It's not fair! Mom! You'll be sorry! You're making a terrible mistake! [throws her armor in the air] I'm not as stupid as I look!
View Quote Leonidas: Man, you got happy feet!
Penguin: I'm about to shove my "happy foot" up your ass! Cracker, where you goin', pussy?
View Quote Leonidas: We may have won the battle, but they will win the war!
Other 12 Spartans: Aaah... What?
View Quote Leonidas: We'll funnel the Persians in where their numbers won't count for shit!
View Quote Leonidas: [picks up subway sandwich] No mayo? This is bullshit!
Leonidas: I had always wanted to do a fat chick.
Leonidas: The Oracle also said that our painted-on abs look fake! But I beg to differ! [cut to Dilio, where he is seen with a paint artist painting abdominal muscles on his heavyset belly. Dilio starts to laugh.]
View Quote Margo: There's only one woman who's words you should listen to.
Leonidas: (Nods) Oprah.
Margo:: Your wife.