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Madagascar quotes

92 total quotes

Alex the Lion
Gloria the Hippo
King Julian the Lemur
Marty the Zebra
Mason the Chimp
Maurice the Aye-Aye
Melman the Giraffe
Mort the Cute Lemur
Skipper the Penguin

View Quote [Marty and Alex seem overjoyed to be reunited. They are running towards each other on the beach in slow motion with arms outstretched and Chariots of Fire playing. Their voices are slow and toned to a low key]
Alex: Marty!
Marty: Alex!
Alex: Marty!
Marty: Al!
Alex: [angrily] Marty!
Marty: [confused] Alex?
Alex: MARTY!
Marty: [turns to run] Oh sugar, honey, ice tea!
View Quote [the penguins are being transfered; Kowalski is looking at the label on their crate]
Skipper: Progress report.
Kowalski: It's an older code, Skipper. I can't make it out.
[Skipper notices the chimps in the crate next to them]
Skipper: You, higher mammal! Can you read?
Mason: No. Phil can read though. Phil!
[Phil appears; Kowalski gestures towards the label; Phil starts using sign language]
Mason: Ship to... Kenya... wildlife preserve... AFRICA!
Skipper: Africa? That ain't gonna fly. Rico!
[Rico vomits up a paper clip and uses it to unpick the lock on their crate]
View Quote [after they discover Marty's disappearance] What are we gonna do?! We gotta-- we gotta-- I mean, we got, we gotta... we gotta call somebody!
View Quote [as he is beaten up by an old woman] Lady! What is wrong with you?!
View Quote [Gloria asks him where the people are] We killed 'em and ate their livers. [Gloria stares in shock] Gotcha!
View Quote [in the middle of an argument with Marty] And your black and white stripes? They cancel each other out! You're nothing!
View Quote [Last lines] Private: Skipper, don't you think we should tell them the boat's out of gas?
Skipper: Nah, just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.
View Quote [Mason and Phil have just escaped from the zoo] I hear Tom Wolfe's speaking at Lincoln Centre. [Phil signs frantically] Well of course we're going to throw poo at 'im!
View Quote [to Marty, after the island is divided between them and Marty calls his side the fun side] This is the fun side! This is where we are gonna have a great time surviving until we go home! Your side stinks! You're on the Jersey side of this cesspool!
View Quote A bullseye! Excellent shot, Maurice!
View Quote After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to thank you for bringing peace to our homeland. And to make you feel good, I am offering you this lovely parting gift.
View Quote Ah, nature! It's all over me, get it off!
View Quote Alex, do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming. If a zebra's in the zone, leave him alone.
View Quote All hail the New York Giants!
View Quote All we have to do is wait until they are deep in their sleep. [long pause] HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?!