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View Quote [after Nicky attacks the Blind deacon for insulting him and Valerie]
Valerie: Did you do that?
Nicky: No one calls my girl an evil slut.
View Quote [NFL quarterback Dan Marino tries to strike a bargain with Satan.]
Satan: I'm sorry. After careful consideration, I regretfully have to decline.
Dan Marino: C'mon, man, I'm just asking — let me win one Super Bowl.
Satan: In exchange for eternal damnation of your soul? You're too nice of a guy for me to want to do that to you, Mr. Marino.
Dan Marino: You did it for Namath.
Satan: Yeah, but Joe was coming here anyways.
View Quote [after being ratted out by Peter and John]
Todd: Judas!
Peter: Yeah, Judas Priest, maybe.
View Quote [after Nicky tests his powers on a can of Coke]
Todd: Were you about to drink one of my Cokes?
Nicky: No. I was just looking at it. It's beautiful.
[Todd takes a sip]
Todd: This Coke taste like Pepsi.
Beefy: You changed a Coke..into a Pepsi.. That was your big transformation??
Nicky: Come on man, give it up a little.. I mean it was pretty good for my first try.
Beefy: Do you even care that your brothers are killing your father!?
Nicky: Yes I care! And he is not going to die! (Flames come in Nicky's eyes then a loud explosion is heard. Todd walks out of a smoky hallway.)
Todd: I'm freaked out. My television just blew up.
Nicky: You're damn right it did!! I mean, really?
View Quote [Beefy is making love to another dog]
Beefy: say "Mr. Beefy!" Say it! Say it!
Female dog: Sigh.."Mr. Beefy"
Beefy: And "I love you".
View Quote [before he makes a shot at a basketball game]
Nicky: (to basketball) Release the evil.
[the ball explodes]
Nicky: Okay, too much evil.
View Quote [Nicky and Beefy are watching "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee"]
Regis: So I was driving to work today. Some bozo in a Cadillac cuts me off. So I followed him. When he got out of his car, I run up behind this guy and I start bashing his brains in with this bat. Did you ever see "The Untouchables"? I was De Niro!
Audience member: What's happened to you, Regis?!
View Quote [peeper takes out a cell phone and dials. The son answers.]
Scottie: Hello?
Peeper: Hello, Scottie. Say, why don't be a good little boy and go downstairs and let your mother get comfy, alright?
Scottie: Who is this?
Peeper: This is a big bird who wants to see the rest of mommy. Hahahaha.
Mother: Oh my God, Scottie. Is that a man up our tree?
Peeper: No, no! Tell it's just a bird! It's just a big bird!
View Quote Be unafraid. Be very unafraid.
View Quote Get In The Flask!
View Quote He's Never Been To Earth, He's never even slept over another dudes house
View Quote How about this. I'll stay here enjoy my pizza & my peppermint schnapps & YOU Go back.
View Quote I'm wasted!
View Quote I've never been to Earth, dad. I've never even slept over at some other dude's house.
View Quote If your father was the devil, and your mother was an angel, you'd be messed up too.