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View Quote (About Chris) He just needs a shave...
View Quote (About Consuela) So she can liquefy her prey, wrapped alive...
View Quote (About his father's gold) I knew he wasn't crazy!
View Quote (After Mike has enquired about the alarming size of the arachnids): It's their diet. These have been growing in the pond for the last three days. (Mike: Crickets?) They're like, spider steroids.
View Quote (As Mike leaves) When you come back next week they'll be twice as big as they are today!
View Quote (Confronted by Conseula) I can't! It'll set off the gas! (Squirts perfume into Conseula's face) Mike, you saved us!
View Quote (Faced with the truth of the 'invasion:') Giant spiders? What the Hell kind of bullshit is that? (A moment later) Oh my God, THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE HERE!
View Quote (First lines) Do you know fear? Have you ever had your heart beating in your chest so intensely... that you can't even breathe? This is a story of... monsters... hideous nightmares crawling in the night. I've seen them. I've seen them in visions. And you... will... too. (Laughs.) I know what you must be thinking, what's this crazy guy doing out here in this godforsaken landscape? Well, I'll tell you. For this is the only place in the country where I can tell the truth and they can't. Hit me.
View Quote (First lines) Hello Mike.
View Quote (First lines) You sure look like a pretty good engineerer.
View Quote (Hysterical) They're here! They're here!
View Quote (Last line, as he observes the empty tarantula cage) Where'd you go, little fella?
View Quote (To Ashley) Who said it was OK to talk to your mother like that?
View Quote (To Chris) Ten years, and you have not changed a bit.
View Quote (To Deputy Pete) Something ate your cat? What do you think it was?