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Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 quotes

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Balthazar Bratt

View Quote "Lucy": Whoo-hoo! [scatting] Whoo! I will take this. [takes the diamond on Gru’s hand] You've been a bad boy, Gru. [slaps on Gru’s face] Can you get the rest of the suitcases? Come on! Girls. Let's go! [singing] Let's get physical, physical… [The girls are packing the suitcases to going home and Gru leaves; outside "Lucy" and the girls are going inside the plane; continues singing insistinctly] Change of plans, girls. [straining] Instead of going home… Eyebrows! Ow! [grunts; Lucy pulls of her face, revealing to actually be... Bratt in disguise!]
Bratt: ...We're going to Hollywood! [laughs evilly; the girls gasp in horror] Now, that's what I call acting. [chuckling] Let's go, Clive! We've got a giant robot waiting! [Clive laughs]
[At the mansion, Gru is about to leave out the door when suddenly he hears banging from the closet]
Gru: Huh? [opens the closet door and gasps] Lucy? [finds the real Lucy bound and gagged in the closet, removes her gag] But...
Lucy: Bratt! He took the girls!
Gru : What? No! [watches in horror as the jet flies off; he and Lucy rush into Dru's room where Dru is drowning his misery in ice cream after his argument] Dru! Dru!
Dru: [turns his back on Gru] Go away! I don't wanna talk to you.
Gru: (We need your help.) Bratt has the girls! [Dru gasps in shock. Cut to Gru, Dru, and Lucy flying on their hovercraft] Listen, brother, about-about what I said, I–
Dru: No, I'm the one.
Gru: I shouldn't have... I'm... I'm sorry.
Dru: I'm so sorry, Gru.
View Quote AVL Tech: Sir, the ship has been boarded by some kind of... monster!
Silas: Wait, that’s not a monster. [zooms in on the boat, revealing Bratt] That’s a man wearing shoulder pads! There’s only one supervillain whose fashion sense is quite that dated, Balthazar Bratt. Blast it, the Dupont Diamond is on that ship! I want every agent in the area on the scene immediately!
View Quote Bratt: [chortling] Hello, Hollywood! [on speaker] I am back and bigger than ever.
Agnes: [shrieking] I'm scared! Oh my.
Celebrity: Thank you. Thank you so... Oh! [All shrieking] No! No! No, you can’t leave me here! I’m famous!
Bratt: [chortles] Clive, arm the cannons. Chew on this! [shrieking; chortling]
[All shrieking]
[Pants and Shrieks]
Edith: Hey, mullet head! Let us out!
Bratt: Oh, do not worry, girls. I’ve prepare a front row seat for you.
[All gasping and shrieking]
[Agnes shrieks]
Margo: Agnes!
Bratt: Once again, I win and Gru loses! Enjoy the show, girls.
[All gasp]
Gru: What in the heck?
Lucy: Oh! I hope the girls are okay.
Dru: Bratt! Bratt at 9:00... No! 3:00! He's on the left! [gasps] No! I’ve seen this episode! He’s going to bubblegum the whole city and send it up into space!
Lucy: [gasps] Hurry!
[Dru [gasps]
View Quote Bratt: Game over! [laughs evilly as he searches for his keytar only to find it missing] Huh?
Gru: [holding Bratt's keytar] Is this what you're looking for?
Bratt: No! [gets blasted away by Gru into the bubble gum, similar to Bratt blasting away Gru in the beginning, this time playing Dire Straits' Money for Nothing] No! Curse you, Gru! Ow! Curse you!
View Quote Bratt: Gru! Did you actually think I was unconscious?
Gru: What?
Bratt: It's called acting, hoser. And clearly, I've still got it! [plays the intro to Van Halen's "Jump" on his sonic keytar, blowing Gru off of the ship] I've been a bad boy! Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!
View Quote Bratt: Hello, Gru! How's your transition coming? Y'know, from world's worst villain to world's worst agent? [aims a gun at Gru]
Gru: Oh, that's hilarious! You should be on TV! [smacks the gun off Bratt's hand] Oh, that's right! You were! [pulls out his freeze ray] But then you got cancelled!
Bratt: [smacks the freeze ray off Gru's hand and pulls out a larger gun] Ha, ha!
Gru: [smacks the gun away and then pulls out a small water pistol] Oh-ho! What about that? Wha? Oh! Girls! [throws the water pistol at Bratt's head]
View Quote Bratt: You know what, Clive? Playing a villain on TV was fun, but being one in real life is even better! Heist music!
Clive: Here it comes! [inserts a tape into the boat's radio, which plays Berlin's "Take My Breath Away"]
Bratt: [exclaims in disgust] What? Clive, what are you doing? How is that heist music?
Clive: Sorry! My bad! [ejects the tape, flips it over, then inserts it back, now playing Michael Jackson's "Bad"]
View Quote Dru: [notices Lucy and dances with her] You must be the beautiful wife.
Lucy: Beautiful? Oh! [Dru twirls her around and catches her] [laughs] Stop it! [tugs Dru's scarf] Sweet talker.
Dru: [then wraps his arm around Gru, with the other still holding Lucy] How is my brother finding a wife like you when he is so bald? [rubs Gru's head] I'm joking!
View Quote Dru: So, brother, how are things going for you career-wise?
Gru: [laughs nervously] Great. So, so great... crushing it...
View Quote Gru: [runs over to Agnes after she sells the fluffy unicorn] Agnes, what are you doing? You... you sold your unicorn?
Agnes: Well, I just wanted to help since you don't have a job. I got 2 whole dollars for it!
Dave and Jerry: Aww...
View Quote Gru: Wait, what? It's true? You never told me I had a brother, and you told me that Dad died of disappointment when I was born!
Marlena: Yeah. That was the agreement.
Gru: "Agreement"? What are you talking about? (Mom, what really happened?)
Marlena: [sighs] (Well, okay, I tell you the truth.) Shortly after you and your brother were born, your father and I divorced. We each took 1 son to raise on our own and promised never to see each other again. Obviously, I got second pick.
Gru: [to himself] I have a brother…
View Quote Lucy: So... what did you guys do today?
Gru and Dru: [lying] Nothing!
View Quote Lucy: We're already here! Agents Grucy are closing fast!
Gru: Yes! Wait, what? What did you call us?
Lucy: Grucy! Y'know, "Gru" and "Lucy" smooshed together. Try it.
Gru: I like it but not a lot... I don't like it.
View Quote Margo: Um...
Lucy: What?
Margo: It's okay to tell them "no" sometimes, too. You know? Moms need to be tough.
Lucy: Right. Tough. I can totally do that! Still figuring out this mom thing. [imitates a pirate captain] Getting my sea legs, matey.
Margo: My mom and dad.
View Quote Silas: Thank you for coming in such short notice. It is with great sadness that I must inform that as of today, I am retiring as head of the AVL.
[all the agents gasp in shock]
Lucy: Oh, no!
Silas: Your new leader is coming directly from head office, effective immediately. She is the very gifted… [under his breath] ...The very ambitious, Miss Valerie Da Vinci. As I look out over all your faces, I am fluttered with so many memories.
Valerie Da Vinci: Oh, boy, this is a snooze fest! Blah, blah, blah, we understand, you're old, look, you're fat, you're done.
Silas: Ooh! [grunts] Let me breathe in! [gets shoved into the ejection hole]
Valerie Da Vinci: Whew, broke a little sweat there. [chuckles] First order of business. [clears throat] Which one of you losers is Agent Gru?!