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Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 quotes

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Balthazar Bratt

View Quote [after Dru disabled the robot, Gru, regaining consciousness, searches for Dru, only to be confronted by a furious Bratt]
Bratt: You've ruined everything! And now it's time to die! Any last words, Gru?
Gru: You know what? I got two words for you. Dance fight! [starts dancing]
Bratt: Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong! I'm gonna enjoy this! [he and Gru dance fight]
View Quote [After returning to the lair from stealing the Dupont Diamond from Bratt, Dru learns of Gru's true motives for said heist, and he is not happy]
Lucy: I'll get the girls and start packing and tell them the good news! ♪ Oh, getting out jobs back! Yeah! ♪ [leaves]
Gru: Yes, yes, go tell the girls. [turns to Dru, who is still scowling and sulking] Dru.
Dru: No, no way! We can't give the diamond back! [tries to yank it out of Gru's hands]
Gru: I have to!
Dru: No, you don't!
Gru: Yes, I do!
Dru: Give it!
Gru: No!
Dru: Give it!
Gru: [swipes the diamond out of Dru's grasp] No!
Dru: GIVE IT! [kicks Gru in the shin]
Gru: Ow! What is wrong with you?
Dru: What is wrong with you?
Gru: You kicked me!
Dru: You-you lied to me!
Gru: Hey, I would've told you the truth, but you're too much of a wimp to handle it! That's it, I'm outta here.
Dru: You have no right to take that! We stole it together!
Gru: Together? [scoffs] You gotta be kidding me! You did nothing but screw up the whole time! I got this in spite of you!
Dru: Oh, yeah?! Well, at least I didn't get fired from my job like a total loser!
Gru: At least I had a job! What have you accomplished that was so great? I'll tell you what - NOTHING! No wonder Dad thought you were such a failure. [Dru gasps as Gru begins to leave]
Gru: THAT'S FINE WITH ME! [leaves]
[Dru growls in anger, and then feels hurt and heartbreak]
View Quote [Dru's doorbell rings. Lucy answers it]
Lucy: Hello? [sees Niko] Oh, hi.
Niko: Hello, mother of Margo. I am Niko. I present you with pig to confirm my engagement to your daughter.
[The pig squeals]
Lucy: [laughs] Hey, what now?
Margo: What's going on? Go on.
Lucy: Uh, remember Little Boots?
Niko: Hello, my schmoopsie-poo. [tries to kiss Margo]
Margo: Whoa! Hey!
Lucy: He seems to think you're engaged. [laughs]
Margo: What? [as Niko kisses her hand] We're not engaged.
View Quote [Edith and Agnes are at the Tipsy Unicorn tavern. Agnes discovers a real unicorn's horn]
Scar-Faced Man: I'm telling you I saw one once. With my own EYE! "[On 'eye', he bends down toward Agnes' face]
Agnes: [waving her arms to halt the man] Wait, wait, wait. You saw a for-real live UNICORN?! What did it look like? What do you think?[gasps] Did you pet it? Did it smell like candy? Was it… fluffyyyyyyy?!
Scar-Faced Man: It was so fluffy, I though I was going to die!
View Quote [Lucy hears a knock at the door]
Lucy: Ugh, here we go. Niko... [gasps]
[Niko is standing next to an angry woman carrying a baby. It is his mother]
Niko's mother: You... refuse my son's engagement pig?
Lucy: What?
Niko's mother: May you and your daughter die a slow death and be buried with onions!
[She spits at Margo. The baby also spits. Margo gasps in fright and hides behind Lucy, holding her hand. Lucy gets angry]
Lucy: All right, lady, that's it! Nobody... nobody curses my daughter! You got that? [Margo is surprised by how Lucy is defending her] Because if you mess with Margo, you mess with me and I promise you do not want to mess with me! Do you understand me?
Margo: It's okay.
Niko's mother: Yes, yes.
Lucy: [calmly] Good. Now... [angrily] Get! [Niko's mother takes her son's hand and they hurry off. Lucy then turns to Margo, thinking she's still upset with her] Look, Margo, I think we just need to–
[Margo hugs her tightly. Lucy is startled at first, but hugs her too]
View Quote [the Minions are cheering because they want to go back to villainy]
Gru: Guys! Shh, shh, shh, shh! I don't think you heard me right! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This does not mean that we're going back to being villains!
Minions: Awww...
Stuart: Pinyoof la komiko!
Gru: Okay, alright, I get it. Look, I know it's been a little tough lately, especially with Dr. Nefario accidentally freezing himself in carbonite. [we see Dr. Nefario completely frozen while three Minions try to break him out] But our life of crime is over! Ugh. Mel! Mel, you're with me on this, right?
Mel: Ugh! Looka! [starts a slideshow] Bueno!
[the slide is Gru riding a tank while carrying enormous sacks of money with a happy face]
Mel: Pinyoof!
[the slide changes to Gru riding a lawnmower with a bored face]
Mel: Bueno!
[the slide changes to Gru avoiding infrared lights while stealing a golden artifact]
Mel: Pinyoof!
[the slide changes to Gru picking up Kyle's poop with a disgusted look on his face]
Mel: Bueno!
[the slide changes to Gru about to detonate a load of dynamite with a gleeful look on his face]
Mel: Pinyoof!
[the slide changes to Gru unclogging a toilet with a plunger and a disgusted face]
Mel: MINIONS, NO LE PINYOOF! [the Minions all rouse up] Pinyoof, pinyoof, pinyoof!
Gru: Guys, listen to me! Read my lips! Leso me lipo! Pomo doro la comquit! [the Minions laugh] What? What did I say? [pulls out a Minions language book] It's not "comquit"? Ah, okay. Pomo doro la kumquat!
Mel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pulisso kumquit parado. Lury para yo.
Gru: Don't take that tone with me! We're not going back to villainy!
Mel: Uh? No pirany?
Gru: Yes! And I don't want to hear another word about it! [the Minions all blow raspberries at Gru] Look! If you guys don't stop right now, there will be consequences!
Mel: Eh? Poro es me moro!
Gru: Hey, don't say anything you're going to regret!
Mel: Ooh, no re paros! El es quita! Choperu! [he and the other Minions leave]
Gru: What, you quit? You're serious? Come on! [Bob angrily stomps on Mel's Gru hat and leaves with all the Minions... except for Dave and Jerry, who just walked into the room, unaware of what just happened] Dave, Jerry! Good news, guys! You've just been promoted! You're in charge now! Huh? Not bad!
Dave and Jerry: [whoop excitingly as they tear off their Hawaiian costumes and begin rubbing their butts together] ROOBA, ROOBA, ROOBA, ROOBA!
Gru: Oh.. GEESH!
View Quote ["hugging" Gru while jumping up and down] Oh, I love this guy! Look at him! But hair would make you better. [lightly punches Gru all over as Gru tries to stop him] Look at his face! Oh, he's so mad! [does an impression of Gru's face]
View Quote [about Bratt] Time to blast him back to the 80's!
View Quote [repeated line] I've been a bad boy!
View Quote Face it, Gru. Villainy is in your blood!
View Quote Gum one, gum all!
View Quote There's always a blind choad
View Quote This isn't over, Gru! You hear me? This is not over!
View Quote Well, now that I've got the diamond, it's payback time. Oh, it's too bad Gru won't be around to try and stop me. Oh, wait! No, it's not! I hate that tweeb! And you, Hollywood! This time, I'm canceling you! And all the losers who rejected me! Ha ha ha...!
View Quote What, twin brother?