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Bartleby Gaines
Ben Lewis
Freaky Guy
Sherman Schrader

View Quote [student runs out of school, throwing his papers in the air]
Student: [estactic] I got into Princeton!
Schrader: Hey, I think that guy got into Princeton.
Bartleby: [rolls eyes] Oh really? What makes you say that?
View Quote [A supposed dead body (mannequin) falls from the ceiling. Schrader screams in an extremely high-pitched tone]
Bartleby: [stares in disbelief at Schrader] Schrader, what the hell was that?!
Schrader: Well that's embarrasing.
Bartleby: Are you kidding?
Schrader: It would be really cool if you guys didn't tell people I scream like that.
View Quote [asking his friends to think up of classes they can offer]
Bartleby: Alright, Schrader. What about you?
Schrader: Well, B, I'm glad you asked that, actually, cuz since we're going to prison, I want to learn how to carve a shank out of my toothbrush.
View Quote Later!
View Quote [after being inducted into the brotherhood] Yes! Yes! I want it! I want everything you guys have! I want Lilac shirts! I want visors kinda tilted to the side with hair gel coming out of it! [points to Gwynn] I want to have sex with girls that look like this!
View Quote [blows up Dean Van Horne's car] I told ya.
View Quote [holding a strawberry] What are you!
View Quote [looking at the mascot] A sandwich? Oh, you're the SHIT sandwiches!
View Quote [screams loudly and high-pitched] It would be really cool if you guys didn't tell anyone I scream like that.
View Quote [when locked out of SHIT] Is this a test?
View Quote An explosion of flavor. I'm working with some very unstable herbs.
View Quote Battle Royale!
View Quote Health insurance my ass! They don't pay for shit. You get sick on a Friday, they only pay from Monday through Thursday. You go to doctor A, they only pay for doctor B. You break your penis, they only fix vaginas!
View Quote Holy balls.
View Quote I don't want to be alone in here when the walls start to bleed.