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View Quote [reads card] "REPROGRAM"? [to Danny] What the heck does that mean?!
View Quote [reads instructions] "Zathura: Attention space-adventurers, Zathura awaits. Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy? It's not for the faint of heart, for once you embark upon your journey, there's no turning back until Zathura's reached. Pieces reset at the end of each game. Play again and again for different adventures." That's it, we gotta keep playing.
View Quote [to Danny; angrily] It's not your fault?! How is it not your fault?! This is all your fault! Everything's your fault! IT'S YOUR FAULT MOM AND DAD GOT DIVORCED!
View Quote [to Danny; furiously] How can you move the piece by accident if it's stuck to the game?! That's impossible! You cheated!
View Quote [to Danny; furiously] You're such a baby.
View Quote [to Danny] I'm your brother. And that's what being a brother means. Means I'll never let anything happen to you.
View Quote [to Danny] Yes it did. "Pieces reset at the end of each game." That means we go home when we're finished.
View Quote [to Lisa] Still think I have gorgeous eyes?
View Quote [to Lisa] The Astronaut, from the game we're in. [pointing at Danny] Danny spun me.
View Quote [to Walter] You're such a dick!
View Quote Anything I want. [to the robot] Get me a juice box, BIATCH!
View Quote Burning gas! That's probably what brought 'em here in the first place!
View Quote Nope. I'm doing this is because I've been eating paste out of a tube for 15 years.
View Quote Okay, guys. Here's the thing. I played this game before. Okay? I played it with my own brother 15 years ago. (Walter: You were a player?) Yeah. Just like you guys. We were fighting a lot back then. And when the game started, it got even worse. Every time we spun we got madder and madder at one another, and then I landed on a star space, the same one that Walter just landed on. Well I was so mad at him, that when the star passed, I made my wish. (Walter: You did you wish for?) I wished that my brother had never been born. (Danny: Oh my god.) As soon as I did it I felt horrible. I thought—you know if I could spin again maybe I-- I could—I could land on another star space and—and wish him back, but the game wouldn't let me. Because it wasn't my turn. Walter, there's some games you can't play alone. (Walter: So what do we do now?) We go back downstairs and we finish this thing once in for all. No more cheating. No more arguing. All you guys have to do is spin a few more times. I'll help you fight off whatever it comes out. Deal?
View Quote One. God! I suck.