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View Quote Judy: Aw c'mon, Steve, you don't want to marry Eunice.
Howard: I'm not Steve. I'm Howard.
Judy: Well neither of you wants to marry Eunice.
Howard: Why do you say that?
Judy: Because you don't want to marry someone who's gonna get all wrinkled, lined, and flabby.
Howard: Everybody gets wrinkled, lined, and flabby!
Judy: By next week?
View Quote Mr. Larrabee: I must point out that "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
Judy: Emerson!
Mr. Larrabee: I beg your pardon my dear?
Judy: Ralph Waldo Emerson, born 1803, died 1882.
Mr. Larrabee: You like Emerson?
Judy: I adore him!
Mr. Larrabee: I adore anyone who adores Emerson.
Judy: And I adore anyone who adores anyone who adores Emerson. Your turn.
View Quote Mr. Larrabee: They broke into my home.
Judge Maxwell: That's breaking and entering.
Mr. Larrabee: And they brought her with them forcibly.
Judge Maxwell: That's kidnapping.
Eunice: They tried to molest me.
Judge Maxwell: That's... unbelievable.
View Quote [at 1:28]
Frederick Larrabee: C'est la vie.
Hugh Simon: C'est la guerre.
Judy Maxwell: C'est la dreck.
View Quote Do you see this yellow pill? You know what it's for? It's to remind me to take this blue pill!
View Quote Don't kick those rocks, you Philistine!
View Quote Don't you dare strike that brave unbalanced woman!
View Quote Don’t you know the meaning of propriety?
View Quote Eunice!? This is a person named Eunice?
View Quote For God's sake, don't shoot me, I'm part Italian.
View Quote Hi, Room Service, this is Room 1717. I would like a double-thick roast beef sandwich medium rare on rye bread with mustard on the top, mayonnaise on the bottom, and a coffee hot fudge sundae with a large bottle of diet anything. You got that? Yeah, Room 1717. Oh, and Room Service, would you put it in the hall outside the door. I mean, don’t bring it in or knock on the door because I’m just putting my little one to sleep. Thank you.
View Quote I find that story as difficult to swallow as I do this potage au gelée.
View Quote I love those old Ventegums.
View Quote I myself have a little announcement to make, that may be of some interest. My natural curiosity was aroused, an so I did a little research on Mr. Bankister and Miss Burns, and I think--
View Quote I will get to the bottom of this if it takes me the rest of my life, which may end at any minute!