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'Cousin' Avi
Brick Top
Bullet Tooth Tony
Multiple Characters

View Quote 'Blagged'? Speak English to me Tony, I thought this country spawned the ****in' language and so far nobody seems to speak it.
View Quote (to his colleague) Yes, London. You know- Fish, Chips, Cup o' tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary ****ing Poppins, London!
View Quote (For comedic effect, all of this character's lines are spoken with a thick Gypsy-Irish accent, slurred together, and spoken very quickly.) Ah bet ya cn' box a lit'l, can't ya sir? Aye, ya look lak a boxer.
View Quote (Regarding "Boris the Blade") Sneaky ****in' Russian.
View Quote (To Avi in a different room to him) AVI! PULL YA SOCKS UP! (starts shooting through the wall)
View Quote (To Avi when asked about Boris' nicknames) Because he dodges bullets, Avi.
View Quote (to the 3 black robbers) **** you! (to borris who comes in the other side of him telling him to give the stone) ya know what... **** you too!
View Quote Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov: Drop the gun, fat boy.
View Quote Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov: You can keep the 10 large, along with the body. But if I see you again - YOU MOTHER****ERS! - Well, look at him. [points to Franky Four Finger's corpse.]
View Quote Boris The Blade: [referring to the gun he sold Tommy] Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work... you can always hit them with it.
View Quote Chinese Victim of Bullet Tooth Tony: [After shooting Tony several times without him dying] I shoot you, you go down!!!
View Quote Franky Four Fingers: So the biblical scholars mis-translated the Hebrew word for "young woman" into the Greek word for "virgin." It was an easy mistake to make, since there is only a subtle difference in the spelling. But it was the "virgin" that caught people's attention. It's not every day a virgin conceives and bears a son. So you keep that for a couple of hundred years, and the next thing you know, you have the Holy Catholic Church. Oy vey.
View Quote Various characters: I ****in' hate Pikeys.
View Quote Various characters: [regarding Boris The Blade] Sneaky ****in' Russian.
View Quote American Customs official: Anything to declare?
Avi: Yeah. Don't go to England.