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View Quote [Gargamel looks for a laboratory in New York City and spots a port-a-potty/]
Gargamel: [impressed] Oh. Yes. It's a bit small, but it should do nicely! [climbs into the port-a-potty with Azrael] Oh, it's even got its own cauldron!
[A gurgling sound can be heard]
Gargamel: What died in here? [the port-a-poty shakes and thumping sounds can be heard] OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPPEEENNNN!
[Gargamel and Azrael finally fall out, dizzy and confused]
Gargamel: [choking] Somebody's been working a dark and terrible magic in there! [coughs in disgust]
[After Gargamel runs headlong into the back of a stopped cab, the Smurfs laughed at him as the cab starts moving again and pulled away]
Grouchy Smurf: Knock yourself out, Gargamel!
Gutsy Smurf: You've had that coming for about 30 years!
Gargamel: Smurfs! [as a Anjelou card flew by from the bumper and he grabs it]
Gargamel: [he and Azrael walk around New York, searching for the Smurfs] We must find this Smurf thief. [Azrael meows] Ah, stop your complaining. If I were a Smurf, where would I go? [spots a businessman talking on the phone and approaches him] You there, you there! Fancy pants! Have you seen any little blue men?
Businessman: [on the phone] Absolutely, what price are we talking about?
Gargamel: You're selling them?
[A woman talking on the phone walks by, Gargamel follows her.]
Woman: [on the phone] Have you looked in the drawer, sweetie?
Gargamel: [to the woman] Wait, what drawer?
Woman: [on the phone] In the kitchen, Lily.
Gargamel: Who is this Lily?
[A man also talking on the phone walks by.]
Man: [on the phone] Are you kidding? She's like the hottest girl in my apartment.
Gargamel: [stops the man] Please, please. Please, young woodsman. What does the temperature of this Lily have to do with the finding of Smurfs?
Man: [to Gargamel] Take your meds, man. [walks away]
Gargamel: [confused] What? I, I... [shouts] IS EVERYONE IN THIS REALM COMPLETELY INSANE?! [spots a peddlar] Oh, thank the gods. A local wizard. Excellent. [to the peddlar] Eh pardon me, wise sir? By any chance, have you seen any little blue men?
Peddlar: They're everywhere! [laughs maniacally and walks away]
Gargamel: I knew it. I knew it! I told you we were close, Azrael!
Azrael: [unenthusiascally] I know.
Patrick: Oh by the way, I wouldn't go anywhere if I were you.
Smurfette: Well, why not?
Patrick: Our world doesn't really do well with people from other places. I mean, look what happened to E.T.! [The Smurfs look at Patrick, confused] It's a movie. A moving picture? Book? Just stay. Okay? [Walks out the door]
Patrick: Grace, we're being attacked! Do not be fooled by their cuteness!
Grace: It's okay, it's okay. [Cuts to the Smurfs gathered around her bare feet; so close that they can smell her toes]
Grace: They're friendly!
Grace: How can you be the girl in the village?
Smurfette: Well see, I wasn't brought by a stork like the others. I was created by Gargamel to trap the other Smurfs.
Grace: Wow! And then what happened?
Smurfette: Papa saved me. He cast a special spell, and then helped become the Smurf I was meant to be.
View Quote [after caging Azrael] You smurf'd with the wrong girl.
View Quote [After Patrick swears in Smurf language] There's no call for that kind of language, laddie!
View Quote [as he is falling] GOODBYE, BLUE WORLD!
View Quote [Getting his net caught in a tree] Let go! Cursed nature!
View Quote [recites an incantation in one of his spell books, which will turn Puppy into a cat in the instincts] Claw scratched and bitten! Chew, get down, scat! Puppy become kitten! Dog become cat!
View Quote [referring to Clumsy] Why are we even listening to him? He's the one who just got us sucked into a giant hole.
View Quote [repeated line] Azrael? Are you dead?
View Quote Come to papa, Papa!
View Quote Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap!
View Quote Hey! I'm walkin' here!
View Quote I can have more than one dress?
View Quote I still hate truffles! And I hate violence, too!
View Quote I'll never forget this. Especially not with these! [Turns around and he is wearing "I love New York" underwear]
View Quote I'm 546 years old.