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Sinatra (1992)

Sinatra (1992) quotes

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View Quote Ava Gardner: This is torture, Frank. It's wrecking my career. I can't do this anymore.
Frank Sinatra: Two minutes ago, we were happy. What happened?
Ava Gardner: I was being a sap. I want you to go home and get a divorce.
View Quote Bob Weitman: Okay, now lets cut through all the crap, boys. I'm still nervous about this. Frank, I think your a very talented singer but you got a soft voice. I can't see it coming up the Paramount.
George Evans: Don't worry about his voice filling up your Theatre, Bob. The girls will fill up your Theatre. [laughs]
Bob Weitman: I can't gamble on that.
Frank Sinatra: I filled the Mosque. I can fill the Paramount.
Bob Weitman: The Mosque is a small Theatre in Newark. We're talking about the Paramount.
Frank Sinatra: Exactly.
View Quote Dolly Sinatra: [shouts] You get a good look around this country! People are starving, mister big shot! Our neighbours! And they can't feed the seven kids they've got! Never mind a new one on the way! You know most people in this world today! They'll make $75 a week like you, mister big shot! Most people don't make $75 a month and if they did, they wouldn't quit!
[Marty walks in]
Frank Sinatra: Hi, pop.
Marty Sinatra: I don't get it.
Frank Sinatra: Pop, I've learned a lot while I was on the road, but I'm a soloist.
Marty Sinatra: You couldn't be a soloist in a relief line. You're nothing but a quitter.
Frank Sinatra: Pop, I'm better than those bums. You don't know, you weren't there.
Marty Sinatra: Do you know what happens when ****y kids are in the ring? They go down. Down! Every time, down.
[walks away]
Frank Sinatra: Ma, I met a guy. Hank Sanicola, he's gonna manage me.
Dolly Sinatra: Your gonna kill us both if you don't straighten out.
Frank Sinatra: Ma, pop's wrong! I'm not going down! I'm going up!
View Quote Dolly Sinatra: Just what the world needs, another punch-drunk palooka.
View Quote Frank Sinatra: [to Ava as she is about to leave for a New Years Eve party] Walk out that door, and you walk out of my life!
View Quote Frank Sinatra: [to Peter Lawford] You got no loyalty! You got no guts!
About Sinatra (TV miniseries)[edit]
View Quote Frank Sinatra: Nancy, don't you understand? It doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Nothing does.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Nothing?
Frank Sinatra: Except being with her [Ava].
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [tearfully] You son of a bitch. You come in here and you cry on my shoulder about her?
Frank Sinatra: She's my whole life.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [shouts] You're my whole life! And you're children's!
Frank Sinatra: I have to let go.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: I can't.
Frank Sinatra: Nancy, why do you want to hold on to me if I don't want to be here?
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Because I love you. Frank, you've done this before and you've always come back.
Frank Sinatra: Nancy, for God's sake. This is different.
View Quote Frank Sinatra: You have no right to stop me!
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: I don't want to stop you. I want you to be the greatest singer there is. I just don't want to lose you.
View Quote Frank Sinatra: You think you, sweetheart, we'd give you permission to come to Houston with me?
Ava Gardner: I don't need permission. What's Houston?
Frank Sinatra: I'm open in a hotel there.
Ava Gardner: A hotel?
Frank Sinatra: Yeah. The breads good.
Ava Gardner: [sarcastically] Awwww, poor Francis, they got you opening hotels now?
Frank Sinatra: [angrily grabs Ava] What is it with you? It's not enough for you to have a guy, you have to screw with his head too?
[pause, they kiss]
Ava Gardner: Goodbye, Francis.
Frank Sinatra: Ava, for God's sake, what are you doing?
Ava Gardner: [shouts] Don't you ever grab me like that again!
Frank Sinatra: All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Come on, your breaking my heart here.
Ava Gardner: Go home to your wife and kids. I'm not a home wrecker.
Frank Sinatra: You're not a home wrecker. It was over before New York.
Ava Gardner: Oh sure, does she know that?
Frank Sinatra: I never figured out how to tell her.
Ava Gardner: Take a lesson from me: Goodbye, Francis.
Frank Sinatra: Ava.
Ava Gardner: It's never gonna work between us.
View Quote Marty Sinatra: Frankie! Hey, Frankie! Frankie! Come on, wake up! Hey! [Frank wakes up] C'mon. Why aren't you at work?
Frank Sinatra: Cuz I didn't go.
Marty Sinatra: What, first you quit your school, now you quit your job?
Frank Sinatra: Yeah.
Marty Sinatra: [short pause] Dolly! Hey, Dolly! Kid can't stick to anything! He's a quitter!
[Frank gets out of bed, takes out a pint of milk from the fridge]
Dolly Sinatra: [to Frank] What the hell's going on?
Frank Sinatra: Mom, pop. I made a decision. I can't do that work no more. I'm gonna find me work being a singer like - like Bing Crosby.
Dolly Sinatra: Forget Bing Crosby! Get your job back!
Marty Sinatra: You listen to your mother.
Frank Sinatra: No, I'm telling you! I'm going to be a singer. It's all I do in my free time and free time's not enough no more!
Marty Sinatra: Frankie. You work hard, then you go to college, otherwise your gonna end up like me, a guy that can't even read or write his own name!
Frank Sinatra: I'm not gonna end up like you, pop. I gotta do this.
Marty Sinatra: Than I don't gotta support you! You don't work! You don't live here! [takes the apple out of his hand] And I'll tell you somethin' else! [smashes the apple on the kitchen table] You don't eat here!
Frank Sinatra: Ma, tell him. I can do this. I - I can be someone.
Dolly Sinatra: You are someone. Your Frankie Sinatra--
Marty Sinatra: [angrily] He's not! [to Frank] I'll tell you... You pack your bags! Hit the bricks! Out! Cuz I didn't raise no kid to be no freeloader!
Frank Sinatra: Fine! [throws and smashes the pint of milk at the sink]
[Frank walks out]
View Quote Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Come home, Frank. You belong here.
Frank Sinatra: Then why don't I feel it?
View Quote Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Maybe we should go away together. Just the two of us. No friends. No company. We'll send the kids to my parents house.
Frank Sinatra: Nance, I've got another picture.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Well, then when you come home at night we could spend our nights together.
Frank Sinatra: It shoots in New York.
View Quote Tommy Dorsey: So, what's your signature song gonna be?
Frank Sinatra: I don't want a song, I want a sound. You see, TD, if I can do with my voice what you can do with a trombone, I can knock the whole gang right off the charts.
View Quote Tommy Dorsey: When an entertainer is at the birth of his children, it means he's not working. You are!
View Quote Tommy Dorsey: You know, not everyone thinks you are as talented as you do. Personally? I hope you fall flat on your face.