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Sinatra (1992)

Sinatra (1992) quotes

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View Quote [after Frank sings "That Old Black Magic"]
Ava Gardner: Surprise.
Frank Sinatra: Where's Howard?
Ava Gardner: Oh shut up.
[while their walking]
Ava Gardner: Are you showing me off, Francis?
Frank Sinatra: Damn right. Give me a kiss.
Ava Gardner: No, everybody's looking.
Frank Sinatra: You know why?
Ava Gardner: No.
Frank Sinatra: Every cat in here wants to be me and every chick wants to be you. [kisses her on the cheek]
View Quote [during a New Year's Eve party, Nancy suddenly notices a heart shaped bracelet on Marilyn Maxwell's arm]
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Marilyn, I couldn't help but notice your bracelet. Where did you get it?
Frank Sinatra: [nervously] Hey, come on. We're gonna miss the new year.
Marilyn Maxwell: [to Nancy] From an old dear friend.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Did Frank give that to you?
[Marilyn tries to say something, but nervously looks over at Frank]
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [angrily to Marilyn] I want you out of my house. Get out!
View Quote [Frank is on-set screen testing alongside actors Montgomery Clift and Donna Reed for From Here to Eternity, while director Fred Zinnemann watches]
Frank Sinatra: Where's the dice?
Fred Zinnemann: Cut!
Frank Sinatra: There's no dice!
Fred Zinnemann: Frank, we really have to move on.
Frank Sinatra: No, wait a second! May I talk to you a moment. [walks over to Zinnemann] No, no, no, no, excuse me, Mr. Zinnemann. I respect that your a very busy man and I know that your not too thrilled that I'm here. But I've flown all the way from Africa to test for this part because I believe like I have never believed in anything else before that I understand this character Maggio. I grew up with a hundred Maggio's in my neighbourhood! I am Maggio! And all I ask for is a little respect that I might demonstrate this to you.
Fred Zinnemann: Whenever your ready.
[pause. Walks back to the set]
View Quote [on the set of Mogambo in Africa]
Frank Sinatra: [fixing Ava a drink] Probably just the heat.
Ava Gardner: Yeah... [hands her the drink]
Ava Gardner: Thanks. [sits down. Pause] It's not just the heat, Frank. Uh, I think maybe I'm pregnant.
Frank Sinatra: Are you kidding? Baby, that's terrific.
Ava Gardner: Look, you can't tell anyone or I might be kicked off this film.
Frank Sinatra: You're the star, they can't do that--
Ava Gardner: Frank.
Frank Sinatra: Our baby is more important than any movie.
Ava Gardner: Listen. I know how much you want this kid, but it happens to come at the worst possible moment in my life.
Frank Sinatra: I understand. [passively] You're a rising star, you're carrying the baby of a has-been.
[Ava hits him on the leg]
Ava Gardner: [pause] Sometimes I hate you.
Frank Sinatra: That's great. Perfect. [gets up from his seat] You don't want our baby and you hate me.
Ava Gardner: Would you listen to me. It's a steam bath out there. There's ants, mosquitos and flies in my face! I have to puke every ten seconds! I'm up against a legendary actor! And this is supposed to be the performance of my life! Now, would you give up the role that you'd kill for, for a baby?
Frank Sinatra: I don't have that role.
Ava Gardner: Right. If you did.