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Marty Sinatra: Frankie! Hey, Frankie! Frankie! Come on, wake up! Hey! [Frank wakes up] C'mon. Why aren't you at work?
Frank Sinatra: Cuz I didn't go.
Marty Sinatra: What, first you quit your school, now you quit your job?
Frank Sinatra: Yeah.
Marty Sinatra: [short pause] Dolly! Hey, Dolly! Kid can't stick to anything! He's a quitter!
[Frank gets out of bed, takes out a pint of milk from the fridge]
Dolly Sinatra: [to Frank] What the hell's going on?
Frank Sinatra: Mom, pop. I made a decision. I can't do that work no more. I'm gonna find me work being a singer like - like Bing Crosby.
Dolly Sinatra: Forget Bing Crosby! Get your job back!
Marty Sinatra: You listen to your mother.
Frank Sinatra: No, I'm telling you! I'm going to be a singer. It's all I do in my free time and free time's not enough no more!
Marty Sinatra: Frankie. You work hard, then you go to college, otherwise your gonna end up like me, a guy that can't even read or write his own name!
Frank Sinatra: I'm not gonna end up like you, pop. I gotta do this.
Marty Sinatra: Than I don't gotta support you! You don't work! You don't live here! [takes the apple out of his hand] And I'll tell you somethin' else! [smashes the apple on the kitchen table] You don't eat here!
Frank Sinatra: Ma, tell him. I can do this. I - I can be someone.
Dolly Sinatra: You are someone. Your Frankie Sinatra--
Marty Sinatra: [angrily] He's not! [to Frank] I'll tell you... You pack your bags! Hit the bricks! Out! Cuz I didn't raise no kid to be no freeloader!
Frank Sinatra: Fine! [throws and smashes the pint of milk at the sink]
[Frank walks out]
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