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Shaggy Dog, The (2006)

Shaggy Dog, The (2006) quotes

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Dave Douglas
Dr. Kozak

View Quote Larry: We've search the whole building.
Gwen: But we're gonna keep looking.
Dr. Kozak: Really?
Larry: Yes.
Dr. Kozak: In the same place or new places? 'Cause if you look the same place...
Larry: I think new places.
Dr. Kozak: Oh, yeah? Tell me your more.
Larry: Definitely.
Dr. Kozak: Larry?
Larry: Yes?
Dr. Kozak: Don't-- don't speak. Do you understand the great white lines until you get this dog? Yes?
Gwen: Yeah.
Dr. Kozak: It's yes or no question, Larry.
Larry: You said not to speak.
Dr. Kozak: AND THE KEY TO MY FUTURE! So, if you undestand the reason if you don't find him, you won't have a future.
Larry: Right.
Dr. Kozak: Why are still standing here?! No sleeping, no talking! Find him!
Lawyer:Objection Your Honor
View Quote Tracy: Football? That's why you're not trying out? You hate football!
Josh: I know, but my dad loves. You should hear him. "Oh, you're gonna be just like your own man." If I told him I want to do musical instead, he'll like rape me off as a son.
Tracy: Josh, is your father a stupid man?
Josh: He is clueless, which in some ways is better.
Dave: (as a dog) Oh boy.
Josh: See, he told me I can play if I only keep my grades so I start flunking Math but he let me off with a warning. So now, I gotta flunk English, History, and Home Ec. Those are not really hard to fail.
Dave: (as a dog) Oh no, Josh...
Tracy: So you rather wreck your future than tell your dad you hate football.
Josh: I can get my grades back up as long as he givrs me qutting time.
Tracy: Wow. Men are so complicated.
(Tracy leaves)
Dave: How did I let this happened? I'm not a father anymore.
Judge Whittaker:You Get Over Here Dont You Dare Turn My Courtroom Into A Barn
View Quote [after Dave bites his finger] That wasn't very nice.
View Quote [to the bullfrog] What've you been eating?
View Quote Don't worry about the F.D.A. There's nothing money can handle.
View Quote Dr.Strictland:Are You Gonna Be A Good Dog This Time Gwen: He's going to shock. It's the serum. It doesn't work.
Dr. Kozak: Of course it works, just couldn't give it to him.
Dave: (as a dog) What have you done to him?
Dr. Kozak: Lance? Lance, I'm so sorry that I have to do this to yo but I just couldn't let you take all of the credit again. Plus, you're a pig and I hate you. I hate you in so many ways. Would you hold this for a second? Get rid of it, accomplice.Dave:You Bit Me On Purpose You Bit Me Cause You Knew Who I Was
Gwen: But, is he dead?
Dr. Kozak: No, he's not dead. Just fully conscious but unable to speak. The doctors will think he's dementia. The drug itself will wear off in a few months. By then, I'll be CEO. I'll be famously, insanely, and imaginably wealthy.
Larry: This was not part of the plan!
Gwen: It's totally wrong.
Dr. Kozak: Of course you cut those if you're not sure.
Larry: Hold on.
Gwen: It's fine with me.
Dr. Kozak: Good. Larry, you park him in his desk for me. Or, should I say my desk?
View Quote Here's what we're going to do. You two will pay Mr. Douglas a visit.
View Quote I hope that you have good futures. Kidnapping is a capital crime. You can't just lock up people in cages.
View Quote I'm sorry you're a dog. I am also very sorry that you won't be leaving here alive. People will be wondering where you disappeared to. After all, dogs do wander off.
View Quote Lance, I'm so sorry that I have to do this to you but I just couldn't let you take all the credit again. Plus, you're a pig and I hate you. I hate you in so many ways.
View Quote Nothing but mouth.
View Quote Someone's peeing on the lawn!
View Quote Sorry, I'm a little stressy.
View Quote This is not working out. I'm not a bad dog, I'm a terrible man. I got to make this better.