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View Quote (Last words) Game over.
View Quote Joyce: {to Bobby} You were meant to do this.
View Quote Nina: [to Suzanne] Okay, why don't you let me do the public relations and you do the legal paperwork, okay?
View Quote Reporter: Tonight, a house of horrors was discovered at what used to be known as the Rowan Zoological Institute. The body of Umbrella Health CEO William Easton has been identified as one of the several victims of this grisly crime scene. However, we have also been informed that there may be as many as seven survivors from this deadly event. Hopefully, the many questions of the police, the FBI and the victims' families may be answered by those seven civilians lucky enough to walk away from this unprecedented display of brutality.
View Quote Bobby Dagen: Joyce!
Joyce: Bobby! I knew you'd make it. I knew you'd find me.
Bobby Dagen: I'm so sorry.
Joyce: I knew you could do it!
Bobby Dagen: [runs down the platform] I just got to get you...
Joyce: Get me out!
[Bobby grabs one of the wires surrounding Joyce, which shocks him and knocks him backwards]
Joyce: Bobby! There's got to be another way!
[Billy appears on a TV]
Tape: Hello, Bobby. You have almost completed your rebirth. However, your final task will be your most difficult. The woman before you symbolizes your success. She is your trophy, and she has seen the good in your message, despite its dishonest beginnings.
Joyce: What's he talking about?
Tape: Today, we will see if you can truly earn her love.
Joyce: Bobby?
Tape: To prove your status as a survivor, you must overcome a game that should be all too familiar. You supposedly survived it once already, so it should be easy to survive once again. Pierce the hooks through your chest muscles and the game will begin. In order to free yourself and your wife, you must hoist yourself with these chains and connect the extension cords above you before the clock expires. Both hands will be needed to complete this task, but that should be simple. For, as you claimed to understand, the pectoral muscles can easily support your weight. So I ask you, Bobby: when you embrace every day as if it is your last, will it be with your wife? Make your choice.
Joyce: What's he talking about?
Bobby Dagen: [holding one of the chains] Baby, I'm so sorry. I lied. I was never in a trap.
View Quote Bobby Dagen: Sidney, look at me. You made a decision. How did that make you feel?
Sidney Harris: Free. He was abusive. I tried to stop it before, but it wasn't until that moment that I really did something. It was him or me and I chose to live. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Simone: That's a bunch of bullshit. He had to die for you to leave him? You know the best thing that happened to me after having to cut off my own arm is handicapped parking at the damn mall! What the hell is a camera here for, anyway?
Bobby Dagen: I am simply here to illustrate the fact that a traumatic experience such as the kind that each one of us have been forced to endure can have a positive outcome. That's all.
Simone: Yeah. Like what?
Bobby Dagen: A new perspective on life. [she starts to say something] Wait! [stands] I know. I understand that you're not that place yet. I understand and I respect that. But you look around at all these people, taking their lives for granted. Eventually they all found something positive in their experience. We should never be ashamed of what we've gone through. Because we're good and we are strong! [begins unbuttoning his shirt] You know what? I'd like everybody to look at something. Right here. [opens his shirt, revealing two scars across his chest] These are my scars. Because our minds will heal, but these scars will never go away. This scar should not be a symbol of shame. It should be worn as a badge of courage. You know, eariler, I... spoke of valuing your loved ones. But to be perfectly honest, it was something I never did prior to my ordeal. But since then, I have found someone who has truly become my rock. Joyce, if you could... [she comes up to him] Please. This is my lovely wife, Joyce.
Joyce Dagen: I love you. [kisses him]
Bobby Dagen: I love you, too, baby.
Lawrence Gordon: [clapping] Bravo. To be able to sustain such a traumatic experience and, uh, and yet find the positive in that grisly act. It's a remarkable feat indeed. [stands, and approaches the group] Remarkable. If not a little perverse. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say how grateful we are to be a part of your... promotional... DVD. [claps mockingly; the group joins in]
View Quote Cale: So, what's with the creepy guy with the cane? Someone I should know about?
Bobby Dagen: No. No, he's been at these meetings longer than I have. He's fine.
View Quote Jill Tuck: Game over.
Mark Hoffman: No! No, you ****ing bitch!
View Quote Jill Tuck: I need complete immunity.
Matt Gibson: Why do you want immunity, Ms. Tuck?
Jill Tuck: Because of what I know.
Matt Gibson: Which is what?
Jill Tuck: Do we have a deal?
Matt Gibson: You've got to give before you can receive in this house, Jill.
Jill Tuck: My husband John had an accomplice. A person who assisted him with almost every murder.
Matt Gibson: Look, don't get me wrong here. I'm all ears if you've got something legit that you want to put on the table.
Jill Tuck: This person will go on killing until he's stopped. You know him. And he definitely knows you.
Matt Gibson: Is that right?
Jill Tuck: He is Detective Mark Hoffman.
Matt Gibson: You willing to sign a sworn affidavit?
Jill Tuck: Yes.
Matt Gibson: You swear to be totally open, you tell me everything, no matter how personal or private?
Jill Tuck: Yes. I'll give you evidence, whatever you want. As long as I have your protection and complete immunity. Do we have a deal?
Matt Gibson: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we have a deal.
View Quote Jill Tuck: Someone's out there.
[Rogers turns around and faces the mirror. Hoffman shoots him through the glass.]
Jill Tuck: Oh, my god! No! [screaming] Help me! Help me! Somebody?! Help me! No! [grabs a pen]
[Hoffman enters the room]
Mark Hoffman: I've been looking for you.
[Hoffman takes the key from Rogers and enters the cell.; Hoffman grabs Jill's head.]
Mark Hoffman: How do I look?
[Jill stabs him in the neck with the pen and runs out]
Mark Hoffman: ****ing... [pulls the pen out] bitch!
View Quote Joyce Dagen: [after Bobby has been chewed out for not following a script] Don't worry about them. You looked great.
Bobby Dagen: Yeah?
Joyce Dagen: Your story's real and people feel that. I know you can get overwhelmed at times. But we have to keep moving forward, Bobby. You were meant to do this.
View Quote Matt Gibson: [answers cell phone] What's up, man?
Rogers: I'm at a junkyard on 58th.
Matt Gibson: Why?
Rogers: Call came in about a car crash.
Matt Gibson: Car crash. Why are you there?
Rogers: It's not just a car crash. It's a trap.
Matt Gibson: How many bodies?
Rogers: Enough pieces to make four.
View Quote Matt Gibson: [eating an apple, looking at two charred halves of a corpse] What happened to him?
Dr. Heffner: They always tell you not to smoke at the gas station.
View Quote Matt Gibson: [shows Jill a picture of Bobby Dagen] Do you know this guy?
Jill Tuck: I've seen him on TV but I don't know him.
Matt Gibson: Did your husband?
Jill Tuck: I don't know.
View Quote Matt Gibson: What do we got here?
Rogers: That's Jill Tuck, Jigsaw's widow.
Matt Gibson: What does she want?
Rogers: All she said was that she didn't trust the FBI and she didn't trust homicide.
Matt Gibson: Well, good.
Rogers: And she just wants to talk to you.