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View Quote Palmer: Gibson. [shows him a disk] This was sent here, addressed to Jill. Hoffman knows her location.
Matt Gibson: Goddammit!
View Quote Reporter: Welcome back. We're live with Bobby Dagen, whose national tour, "Survive: My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw," rolls into town this weekend. Now, you're quite the national phenomenon these days, aren't you?
Bobby Dagen: Well, thank you, Pam. It's quite flattering how many people have responded to my story and if I can help a few people along the way, then I'm pleased.
Reporter: Now, you survived a trap created by the infamous Jigsaw Killer. Correct?
Bobby Dagen: Yes, ma'am.
Reporter: Well, everyone must ask you this question: what was that like?
Bobby Dagen: [pause] Life changing. It was something I never anticipated. Quite honestly, something that should've killed me.
Reporter: Tell me more. Tell me about the actual experience.
Bobby Dagen: I-I-I actually have no recollection of how I got there. I just remember the feeling of waking up trapped. I had to insert two hooks into my pectoral muscles and hoist myself up to a platform.
Reporter: You put the hooks in yourself?
Bobby Dagen: I did. I pretty much realized I couldn't hold on much longer, and I had to accept the fact that I was going to die. And then I saw something. And what I saw was my life. It was... it was a tragedy. I achieved nothing. Right then. Something inside me started to grow, something from the bottom of my soul and, I just - I decided to live. I found the strength I'd long thought had expired, and I just yanked, and I yanked, and when I got to the top, I just ripped the hooks out of my chest. It was-it was- there was blood everywhere and I just screamed. I just sat there and screamed. Because I hadn't just survived. I was reborn. This was my life!
View Quote Rogers: What do you think?
Matt Gibson: Why? Why this display? Why them? Why now?
Rogers: We know he likes to put on a show.
Matt Gibson: No. There's gotta be something else.
View Quote Ryan: [after scarring Brad across the chest with the saw] You love him?!
Dina: No!
Ryan: You love him more than me?!
Dina: No, I didn't say that! I always loved you! Do it for me, please. You gotta kill him! Kill Brad! Do it!
Ryan: You lying slut!
[Ryan pulls his saw back, aiming the middle one at Dina. Brad pushes his forward, moving it away.]
Dina: What the **** are you doing?!
Ryan: You don't love anybody! You cheat and liar. **** you! **** you! [turns to Brad] Brad! Brad, look at me! Is the chick that ****ed me in your bed two days ago worth one of our lives? Not worth it, man. She's not worth it. Right?!
Brad: [reluctantly] Yeah!
Dina: What are you doing, you ****ing asshole?!
Ryan: I think we're breaking up with you, Dina!
[Time runs out and Dina is lowered onto the center saw, which cuts her in half]
View Quote Ryan: What the **** is this?
Brad: The **** are you doing here?
Ryan: What the **** are you doing here?
View Quote [Flashback]
Bobby Dagen: Name, sir?
John Kramer: John. With an "H," without an "H." Doesn't matter.
Bobby Dagen: Well, John with an "H" this time.
John Kramer: You got quite an army working for you here, don't you? Must be spreading a pretty good word.
Bobby Dagen: Well, we try to reach as many people as possible. You know?
John Kramer: You don't see anything wrong with that?
Bobby Dagen: No. Uh, no sir. I don't. [finishes signing, then hands him the book]
John Kramer: You know, history is a passion for me. In ancient Egypt, if you were speaking under oath, you were required to say, "If I'm lying, take me to the quarries." That mean anything to you?
Bobby Dagen: No, sir. No, sir. It doesn't.
John Kramer: Well, I'll tell you what it means. It means, if you knowingly lied on the public record, that you were subject to a period of enslavement.
Bobby Dagen: What are you implying here, sir?
John Kramer: I'm not implying anything.
Cale: Move along, buddy. He signed your book.
John Kramer: Thanks for the signature. [slides the book jacket off] Nice picture, but I don't need it. We've met.
View Quote [Flashback]
Newscaster: [on TV] Another Jigsaw survivor has come forward. As the city stays crippled in fear from the Jigsaw killings, chilling new words from the latest survivor provide a reminder of the physical and mental toll these deadly games can take.
Joan: [on TV] This horrible event was happening to me and in that moment, that moment that this thing threatened to take everything away, even the pain, I realized what I still had left to give. And I didn't want to let that go. It gave me light. That pure moment of absolute horror gave me light and, as wrong as this may seem, I'm better for enduring it. I'm stronger. And, I must admit, I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful it happened to me, and I wish the same for everyone like me.
Bobby Dagen: If something like that doesn't get you to change your perspective on life, I don't know what will.
Cale: Yeah. And if those people weren't so ****ed up after their games, they'd make a mint selling those stories.
View Quote [Bobby finds himself in a round cage with S.U.R.V.I.V.E etched onto the bottom.]
Bobby Dagen: Help! [begins kicking at the floor of the cage]
[Billy appears on a TV.]
Tape: Hello, Bobby. I want to play a game. You have amassed wealth, fame and notoriety based on your story of survival. Many have aided in your cause. Few know the truth. You are a liar. You and I both know you have never been in a trap, nor have you ever been tested. Today, these lies will come full circle and you will learn if you truly have what it takes to call yourself a survivor. The cage you find yourself in will symbolize your rebirth.
[Joyce appears on the TV]
Bobby Dagen: Joyce? No! Joyce! No! Please, no!
[Billy appears back on the TV]
Tape: Within the next sixty minutes, you must stay on the path of learning and traverse a series of obstacles to obtain access to your wife, who you have also deceived. If you fail to reach her before the clock runs out, she will die. Live or die, Bobby. Make your choice.
View Quote [Bobby gets the key to Cale's trap with eight seconds left]
Bobby Dagen: I've got the key! [Cale shouts]
Cale: Hurry up! Throw me that ****ing key!
Bobby Dagen: Cale! I've got to throw you the key! [he cups his hands] Cup your hands closer to your chest! I'm going to throw it to you on three, all right? One... two... three!
[He throws the key to Cale. It bounces off him before he can grab it and falls to the second floor.]
Bobby Dagen: No!
Cale: Oh, **** me.
[a winch hauls him up, leaving him to strangle to death]
View Quote [Gibson notices a statue similar to the one from the video]
Matt Gibson: I know that from somewhere.
Mark Hoffman: Make your choice. Clock's ticking. [turns off the video camera]
Matt Gibson: Bag the other bodies, get them back to the coroner's office right away.
Officer: What is this, sir?
Matt Gibson: Hoffman tapped into the station's security system. He's been watching us the whole time. [realizes that Hoffman has switched places with one of the dead bodies in the garage trap] Oh, my god. [calls the police station]
Palmer: This is Palmer.
Matt Gibson: Listen, you get every available officer back to the station!
Palmer: I'm sorry?
Matt Gibson: Right now!
[a turret gun suddenly appears from behind a group of barrels and kills Gibson and the two officers]
View Quote [Gibson sets the Reverse Beartap 2.0 on a desk]
Matt Gibson: Well, that's a real clever design. Yours or your husband's?
Jill Tuck: Everything was him.
Matt Gibson: Right. Well, here's my problem. That was left for me and your fingerprints were all over it! [stands] When you told me Hoffman had it in for you, you didn't mention that it was because you tried to kill him! There's a new game going on. Does that surprise you?
Jill Tuck: No.
Matt Gibson: No? No? You're crazy. I knew you were crazy the minute I laid eyes on you. Crazy. Okay, this is what we're going to do, Crazy. Until I get to Mark Hoffman, this is your new home. Get comfy.
Jill Tuck: What makes you think he can't find me here?
Matt Gibson: Jill! It's a safe house! Safe house! Safe. House. You get it?
View Quote [Hoffman is attacked by two people in pig masks. A third jams him in the neck with a syringe. As Hoffman collapses, the third reveals himself as Dr. Gordon]
Mark Hoffman: What the ****?
[Jill delivers an envelope to Dr. Gordon's office. He opens this, finds a videotape inside, and plays it]
John Kramer: [on tape] Hello, Dr. Gordon. You are perhaps my greatest asset.
[John finds Gordon passed out in a hallway after cauterizing his foot and drags him away]
John Kramer: [splashes water from a pipe on him] Congratulations, Dr. Gordon. You survived.
[John dresses Lawrence's stump and fits a prosthetic foot onto it]
Tape: Without you, my work over the last few years would not have been possible.
[Lawrence sews the key behind Michael's eye]
Lawrence Gordon: [shows John a picture of Dr. Denlon] Jeff's wife, Dr. Lynn Denlon. She'll be perfect.
[Lawrence sews Trevor's eyes shut]
Trevor: My eyes! I can't see!
[Lawrence writes the note Hoffman found in Saw V]
Mark Hoffman: ****...
[Hoffman tries to grab Lawrence, but he shoves him away with his cane]
Tape: That having been said, I have a request. Watch over Jill, and should anything happen to her, I want you to act immediately on my behalf. In return for that...
[Lawrence turns on the lights to the bathroom]
Tape: [Narrating] I will keep no more secrets from you. I've showed you a lot of places, but there is one that will be perhaps the most meaningful to you.
[Hoffman wakes and realizes he is chained to a pipe. He reaches for a hacksaw, but Lawrence pulls it away and picks it up.]
Lawrence Gordon: I don't think so.
[He throws the hacksaw out of the room]
Mark Hoffman: What do you think you're doing? [Lawrence turns to leave] What the **** do you think you're doing?! Huh?!
[Lawrence briefly glances at his decayed severed foot, then faces Hoffman and shuts off the lights]
Mark Hoffman: No! You can't ****ing do this to me! **** you! No!
Lawrence Gordon [Last words]: Game over. [shuts the door]
Mark Hoffman [Screaming in Terror]: No!!!
View Quote (to Matt Gibson') Next time,you shoot first.You owe me.
View Quote Hello, Bobby. Across from you is your closest friend. He knows all your sins, yet he acts as though he hears no evil. Today, what he hears will be the difference between life and death. Bobby, you must help Cale to walk over the planks and get as close to you as possible. Find your own way across the beams to the key. You must get it over the last span between you. If the noose around Cale's neck is not removed within sixty seconds, a winch will be engaged and your secret will be left hanging. Does Cale live or die, Bobby? The choice is yours.
View Quote Hello, Bobby. Before you is one of your trusted colleagues. She has been your publicist for years, knowing your lies, but choosing to speak no evil. She has been richly rewarded for her words, but today, she will be rewarded for her silence. In the X-ray you will see a key - the key to Nina's survival, which will shut off her device. But there's a catch. You have one minute to pull the fishhook from her stomach and unlock the device, or else the four spikes will penetrate her throat, silencing Nina forever. Remember, the spikes will also advance each time the decibel level in this room rises above a whisper, killing her even sooner. Will Nina live or die, Bobby? The choice is yours.