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View Quote [Rover curls up on him] Awww. It's kind of cute, the way he does that.
View Quote [Rover gets caught] Rover? NOOOOOOOO!
View Quote [Rover's taken into the Comic Book Store; sobbing] Why did he do it? I was going to teach him to beg and everything!
View Quote [Sees a naked Chuck] That is a funny place for his antenna.
View Quote [Sees Chuck on TV, quoting Darth Vader] SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!
View Quote [Sighs] No.
View Quote [Skiff and Eckle arrive at the Observatory] Skiff: Great hiding spot. I call the closet!
Eckle: No way! Let's go fight the Army!
Skiff: [To Chuck] How's your species in hiding? Can your skin change to this color?
Eckle: Your call, Captain Baker. What's it gonna be? Fight or hide?
Lem: Neither. [Everybody looks at him]
Skiff: I think Lem's saying he wants the closet.
Lem: I'll tell you what this is gonna be. We're going to get Chuck back to his ship. Skiff, you were right about Base 9. That's where they have his ship.
Eckle: But... we don't know where it is.
Chuck: Yes, we do. Rover found me, he's also programmed to find my ship. Wait, where is Rover?
Skiff: [Moaning] It's too painful to talk about.
Eckle: [To Skiff] It's okay. [To Chuck] They've got him at the comic book shop.
Lem: Well, then, we're going to go get him.
Skiff: [Calms down] Hold on. The whole Army's looking for you two. You can't just stroll through town.
Lem: Wait, wait. That new movieā€¦ Doesn't that open tonight?
Skiff: Yeah! Why?
[Lem picks up a helmet like part of technology and looks at the group with a grin on his face]
View Quote [Steps on a rubber duck] What the...? Duck? [sees Neera and Lem's parents staring at him, and gulps]
View Quote [Taking off his helmet] I can breathe, I can breathe!
View Quote [The teens come to rescue him] Guys! This is so Luke Skywalker! [Noticing Neera standing next to Lem] Uh, by the way. You're not brother and sister, right?
View Quote [Thinking of a lie to convince Lem to help] But I suppose you could leave me stranded. My wife will have to support the kids. 11. We have eleven kids, always hungry. Yeah, yeah, but hey, they'll get by without a father. The important thing here is for you to avoid a little trouble.
View Quote [To a panicked crowd] Okay, everyone, everyone, please, listen up. We're not getting eaten, or harvested, or having our brains barbecued. The universe isn't scary. It's really amazing. [Crowd stares] And don't forget to pick up your planetary yo-yos! [picks out a yo-yo and does a trick] We've got one for each of you. [crowd cheers]
View Quote [To Chuck as they hide in his bedroom] Look, I said I will take you to your flying saucer, okay? Well, there it is! Now leave! [looks out the window; sighs] I'll get you a blanket and a pillow for the night.
View Quote [To Chuck] If you have to do a number one... [places newspapers down on the floor] use these papers. If it's a number two, go outside... and if it's number three... I can't help you.
View Quote [To Grawl after the chain reaction] You're not thinking all of this is my fault, right?