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View Quote Roxie: Hey, who needs him? We can beat Tighten ourselves. I say we go back to the evil lair, grab some ray guns, hold 'em sideways and just go all gangsta on him!
Megamind: We can't.
Roxie: So that's it, you're just giving up?!
Megamind: I'm the bad guy. I don't save the day, I don't fly off into the sunset, and I don't get the girl. I'm going home.
View Quote Tighten: [on TV] Hey, Metro losers. This is Metro Tower! They say it's supposed to be a symbol of our city's strength… [shows Roxanne tied to the tower] …But for me, it's a reminder of the day this woman ferociously ripped out my heart, and I hate reminders! [rips out a part of the tower's foundation, swaying it]
Roxie: Hal, please don't do this. I know there's still good in you, Hal.
Hal/Tighten: You're so naive, Roxie. You see the good in everybody, even when it's not there. You're Iiving a fantasy. There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England. This is the real world, and you need to wake up! [Suddenly, a giant hologram of Megamind's head appears in the sky]
Giant Megamind head: You dare challenge Megamind?!
Tighten: This town isn't big enough for two super-villains!
Giant Megamind head: Oh, you're a villain, all right! Just not a super one!
Tighten: Yeah, what's the difference? [Megamind's giant hologram head opens its mouth and from the inside appears Megamind]
Megamind: [his giant hologram head opens its mouth and from the inside appears Megamind] PRESENTATION!
View Quote Tighten: This is the last time you make a fool out of me!
Megamind: I made you a hero. You did the fool thing all by yourself.
Tighten: You're so pathetic. No matter what side you're on, you're always the loser.
Megamind: There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes. [enters his invisible car to hide with his diffusion gun, only to find the label saying "WARMING UP"] Oh, you've got to be KIDDING me! Minion, if I live, I will kill you.
View Quote [after a big ball of copper has been dropped on Titan]
Megamind: Guess what, Buster Brown! It's made from copper. You're powerless against it. It's the very same metal used to defeat– [Titan's fist punches out through the copper metal] …Metro Man?
Titan/Tighten: You... should STOP comparing me to Metro Man!
View Quote [After defeating Tighten]
Minion: We've had a lot of adventures together, you and I…
Megamind: We have, Minion.
Minion: I mean, most of them ended in horrible failure, but we won today… didn't we, sir?
Megamind: Yes, Minion. We did it, thanks to you.
Minion: Code - we're the good guys now.
Megamind: Code - I guess we are.
View Quote [Megamind (disguised as Bernard) and Roxanne are having a picnic]
Roxanne: Okay, okay. Metro Man and I were never a couple.
Megamind [disguised as Bernard]: But I thought you two...
Roxanne: I know, everybody did, it's just he was never really my type.
Megamind: Really?
Roxanne: Yeah. Okay, now you tell me something. Something you've never told anyone.
Megamind: Well, in sh–school… none of the other kids... really liked me. I was always the last one picked for everything.
Roxanne: Mmm, it's too bad that we didn't go to the same school.
View Quote [Megamind extracts Metro Man's DNA, hoping to create a new superhero to fight]
Minion: Sir, I think this is a bad idea.
Megamind: Yes, it's a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad!
Minion: But I'm saying it's the kind of bad that… Okay, you might think it's good from your bad perception, but from a good perception…? It-it's just plain bad.
Megamind: Oh, you don't know what's good for bad!
View Quote [Megamind flips TV channels in prison]
Tighten: [on TV] Megamind. [Megamind continues channel surfing until he changes back to Tighten on TV] You and I have unfinished business. I’ll be waiting at Metro Tower. Oh, and just so you don’t get cold feet… [reveals Roxanne captured]
Megamind: Roxanne...
Tighten: Come on, Roxie. Call for your "hero" to come rescue you.
Roxie: Megamind… I don't even know if you're listening, but if you are… you can't give up! The Megamind I know would never run from a fight, even if he knew he had no chance of winning! It was your best quality. You need to be that guy right now! The city needs you! I need you…
Megamind: Roxanne…
Tighten: You have 1 hour. Don't keep me waiting.
View Quote [Megamind shows up outside Roxanne’s apartment door]
Roxanne: What do you want?
Megamind: [sheepishly] Tighten’s turned evil.
Roxanne: [sarcastically] Well, congratulations, another one of your genius plans has backfired on you… and why did my doorman let you up? [Megamind gives her a small cubed box and Roxanne gasps] Carlos! [tries to shut the door on Megamind]
Megamind: Please… Roxanne, no! No! I need your help.
Roxanne: Why do you need my help?
Megamind: [sighs] Because you're the smartest person I know.
Roxanne: But you can't stay here.
Megamind: The copper should've worked! Why didn't the copper worked? The copper worked perfectly well last time.
Roxanne: "Copper"? You're not making any sense.
Megamind: Look, if we don't find Tighten’s weakness, he'll destroy the whole city.
View Quote [Megamind, disguised as Bernard, is waiting at the restaurant for Roxanne when she arrives late with windswept hair]
Megamind: Roxanne!
Roxanne: Sorry I'm late.
Megamind: Wow, your hair looks exciting.
Roxanne: Mmmm, not the only exciting development of the night. Megamind's created a new hero, and I know why.
View Quote [Roxanne's walking in the rain after discovering Megamind was Bernard]
Megamind: I can explain! What about everything you just said? About judging a (person from the outside or a) book by its cover?
Roxanne: Well, let's take a look at the contents then, shall we? You destroyed Metro Man, you took over the city, and then... you actually got me to care about you! Why are you so evil? Tricking me? What could you possibly hope to gain? [Megamind looks up at her sadly] Wait a minute. I don't believe this. Do you really think that I would ever be with you?
Megamind: [quietly] No...
View Quote Megamind: I'm sorry. I did the best I could.
View Quote Warden: Apology accepted.
View Quote Megamind: Any chance you could give me the time? I don't want to be late for the opening of the Metro Man Museum.
Warden: [looks down at watch] Oh, no. Looks like you're gonna miss it... by several thousand years.
Megamind: Oh, am I? [evil chuckle]
View Quote [about teaming up with Megamind] I even drew up some new costume designs, see? [holds out pieces of paper] You'd be the brain so you'd get a little brain, wearing glasses on your costume or something, and since I'm the cool one, I'd have, like, two tanks swordfighting...