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Roxanne "Roxie" Richie quotes

View Quote [Megamind, who is disguised as Bernard, starts to cry] Bernard… I-I didn't know you... had... feelings. Are you okay?
View Quote [looking around, while being held captive in Megamind's lair] Is there some kind of nerdy super-villain website where you get Tesla coils and blinky dials?
View Quote [sees Megamind in shock, thinking he kidnapped Bernard] Megamind, what have you done with Bernard?
View Quote [her eulogy for Metro Man] He was always there for us. Dependable. Perhaps we took him for granted. You know, maybe, we never really know how good we have it until it's gone. We miss you, Metro Man. I miss you. And I have just one question for Megamind: Are you happy now? This is Roxanne Ritchi, reporting from a city without a hero.
View Quote Well, let's take a look at the contents then, shall we? You destroyed Metro Man, you took over the city, and then... you actually got me to care about you! Why are you so evil? Tricking me? What could you possibly hope to gain? Wait a minute. I don't believe this. Do you really think that I would ever be with you?
View Quote Megamind… I don't even know if you're listening, but if you are, you can't give up! The Megamind I know would never run from a fight, even if he knew he had no chance of winning! It was your best quality. You need to be that guy right now! This city needs you! I need you…
View Quote Pity you didn't go to MY school.
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