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Hal Stewart/Titan/Tighten quotes

View Quote [after Megamind breaks into his apartment room] Is this a robbery? Because the lady across the hall has way better stuff than me!
View Quote Being a hero is for losers! It's work, work, work, 24/7, and for what? I only took the gig to get the girl, and it turns out Roxanne doesn't want anything to do for me.
View Quote What were you saying? I'm sorry, I was too busy saving your life!
View Quote I'm the superhero, you're supposed to be with ME!
View Quote [about teaming up with Megamind] I even drew up some new costume designs, see? [holds out pieces of paper] You'd be the brain so you'd get a little brain, wearing glasses on your costume or something, and since I'm the cool one, I'd have, like, two tanks swordfighting...
View Quote [beating up Megamind] This is for stealing my girlfriend… this one's for Space-Dad making a fool out of me...! And Megamind… this one's for Space-Stepmom! You LIED TO HER!
View Quote You... should STOP comparing me to Metro Man!
View Quote Say goodbye, Mayor. [Tighten violently flicks the mayor, sending him flying backwards, much to everyone's shock]
View Quote Hey, Metro-losers. This is Metro Tower. They say it's supposed to be a symbol of our city's strength. But for me, it's a reminder of the day this woman ferociously ripped out my heart. And I hate reminders!
View Quote You're so naive, Roxy. You see the good in everyone, even when it's not there. You're living a fantasy. There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England. (I think...) This is the real world, and you need to wake up!
View Quote [last lines] I'm bad! I'm bad! That's right! Yeah!
View Quote What I was trying to say was I can't believe that in our modern society, they let like, actual art get onto the news!
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