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The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven quotes

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Bernardo O'Reilly
Chris Adams
Harry Luck
the Old Man

View Quote [Calvera chats with his "good friend" Sotero while his men loot the village.]
Calvera: I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to see a village like this. So much restlessness and change in the outside world. People no longer content with their station in life. Women's fashions -- shameless! Religion! You'd weep if you saw how true religion is now a thing of the past. Last month we were in San Juan, a rich town. Sit down. Rich town, much blessed by God. Big church -- not like here, little church, priest comes twice a year. Big one. You'd think we'd find gold candlesticks, poor-box filled to overflowing. You know what we found? Brass candlesticks. Almost nothing in the poor box.
Bandito: But we took it anyway.
Calvera: I know we took it anyway! I'm trying to show him how little religion some people now have.
Sotero: That I can see for myself.
Calvera: (slaps him forehand, then backhand) No! You don't see! What if you had to carry my load, huh? The need to provide food like a good father to fill the mouths of his hungry men. Guns, ammunition -- you know how much money that costs? Huh? Uh? (slaps him twice more)
View Quote [Calvera meets Chris Adams and Vin as he rides into the village.]
Calvera: I should have guessed. When my men didn't come back, I should have guessed. How many of you did they hire?
Chris: Enough.
Calvera: New wall.
Chris: There's lots of new walls, all around.
Calvera: They won't keep me out.
Chris: They were built to keep you in.
Chris: There won't be any trouble... if you ride on.
Calvera: Ride on? Where am I going to get the food for my men?
Chico: Buy it or grow it!
O'Reilly: Or maybe even work for it.
Calvera: Hm, seven. Somehow I don't think you've solved my problem.
Chris: Solving your problems isn't our line.
Vin: We deal in lead, friend.
Calvera: So do I. We're in the same business.
Vin: Only as competitors.
Calvera: Why not as partners? Suppose I offer you equal shares.
Chris: Of what?
Calvera: Everything. Down to the last grain.
Chico: And the people of the village? What about them?
Calvera: I leave it to you. Do men of our profession worry about things like that? It may even be sacreligious! If God didn't want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep. What do you say?
Chris: Ride on.
Calvera: If I leave here with empty hands, everyone in this village will answer to me when I come back.
Chris: You won't come back.
Calvera: Why not?
Chris: Won't have any guns. Take them off right now and drop them.
View Quote [Calvera's men have escorted the Seven well outside the village and tossed their guns on the ground.]
Britt: Nobody throws me my own guns and says ride on. Nobody. (puts his gunbelt back on)
Vin: Took me a long time to learn my elbow from a hat rack. Right now, I belong in that border town, sleeping on white sheets. (puts his gunbelt on) But I'll ride back to that village.
Harry Luck: You're crazy. all of you! They won't lift a finger to help. Think of the odds!
O'Reilly': Harry, nobody's asking you to go back.
Chris Adams: Ride on, Harry. It's all right.
Harry: You bet your sweet life I will! (grabs his gear and mounts) Come on, Lee. If they want to get killed, let 'em.
Chris: Go ahead, Lee. You don't owe anything to anybody.
Lee: Except to myself. (dismounts and puts his guns on)
Harry: You're crazy! ALL of you!
View Quote [Chico rides into the village with Petra across his saddle bow.]
Chris: So that's where they were. You hid them.
Chico: Sure, they hid them, but she won't tell where. They're afraid -- she's afraid -- of me, you, him... all of us. Farmers. Their families told them we'd rape them.
Chris: Well, we might. In my opinion, though, you might have given us the benefit of the doubt. Well, just as you please.
Vin: You know, as long as you were out there, why didn't you bring 'em all in?
Chico: What for? Leave them out there. Let Calvera find them. He'll take good care of them.
Chris: Bring them in. (to Petra) Show him where.
View Quote [Chris and Vin approach O'Reilly, who is chopping wood on a farm for his breakfast.]
Chris Adams: Morning. I'm a friend of Harry Luck's. He tells me you're broke.
O'Reilly: Nah. I'm doing this because I'm an eccentric millionaire.
Chris: There's a job for six men, watching over a village south of the border.
O'Reilly: How big's the opposition?
Chris: Thirty guns.
O'Reilly: (stops axe in mid-swing) I admire your notion of fair odds, mister.
Chris: Harry tells me you faced bigger odds during the Travis County war.
O'Reilly: Well, they paid me six hundred dollars for that one.
Vin: He said you got that Selena thing cleared up in less than a month.
O'Reilly: Paid me eight hundred dollars for that one.
Vin: You cost a lot.
O'Reilly: Yeah. That's right, I cost a lot.
Chris: The offer is twenty dollars.
[O'Reilly keeps chopping wood. Chris and Vin turn to leave.]
O'Reilly: Twenty dollars? Right now, that's a lot.
View Quote [Chris hears O'Reilly's three local boys call him "Bernardo".]
Chris Adams: You've been adopted. "Bernardo O'Reilly".
O'Reilly: That's my real name. Irish on one side, Mexican on the other, and me in the middle.
View Quote [Driving an occupied hearse to a confrontation with local bigots]
Chris Adams: Don't worry. We'll get there (to Boot Hill).
Vin: Gettin' up there doesn't worry me. Stayin' there is what I mind.
View Quote [Harry has been shot riding to Chris' rescue in the final battle against Calvera.]
Harry Luck: Chris... I hate to die a sucker. We didn't come here just to keep an eye on a lot of corn and chili peppers, did we? There was something else all along, wasn't there?
Chris Adams: Yes, Harry. You had it pegged right all along.
Harry: I knew it. What was it?
Chris: Gold. Sacks of it.
Harry: Sounds... beautiful. How much?
Chris: At least a hundred and fifty.
Harry: My cut would have been what?
Chris: About seventy thousand.
Harry: I'll be damned. (he expires)
Chris: Maybe you won't be.
View Quote [O'Reilly walks in while the other six gunmen are eating dinner.]
O'Reilly: How's the food?
Harry Luck: Great.
O'Reilly: Chicken enchiladas, carne asada, and Spanish rice. Looks pretty good.
Harry: Yeah, these people really know how to cook. Dig in! There's tons of it.
O'Reilly: You know what these people, the villagers, have been eating ever since we got here? Tortillas and a few beans. That's all.
[All stop chewing and look at each other. Cut to scene of Vin dishing out food to village children.]
View Quote [Practice-shooting, Miguel jerks his rifle's trigger and fires a wild shot.]
O'Reilly: Miguel, didn't I tell you to squeeze? Hmm? Just like when you're milking the goat, Miguel.
Miguel: I-instead, I get excited!
O'Reilly: Well, don't get excited. (he takes the rifle, ****s it, and hands it back) Now, this time, squeeze. Slowly, but squeeze. Squeeze. (Miguel fires another wild shot) SQUEEZE! I'll tell you what. Don't shoot. You take the gun like this... (holds it by the barrel) and you use it like a club! All right?
Miguel: Bueno.
View Quote [Scouting for gunmen in a local saloon.]
Miguel: There's one! Look at all the scars on his face!
Hilario: The man for us is the one who gave him that face.
Chris Adams: Hey, you learn fast.
View Quote [The Seven return from a raid to find Calvera's men holding the village.]
Calvera: You should not be surprised. My good friend Sotero, he, ah, arranged for them to come in. Comprende? Well, anyway, to business. I could kill you all. You agree? (a long pause) Well, you don't disagree. Anyway, I don't want to kill you.
Chris Adams: Why so generous?
Calvera: Practical. They hear about it up north, maybe some friends of yours make more trouble for me -- a man who never wants no trouble. We, ah, have a saying here: "A thief who steals from a thief is pardoned for one hundred years." All right, what does that leave? Only one thing. I pardon you. Ride on.
Chris: Just like that? (snaps fingers)
Calvera: Si, just like that! (snaps fingers) I'll make it easy for you. You want food? (to henchmen) Give them food. Water? All right, water. Horses? Saddled and waiting. Guns? Your guns, your gunbelts you take off and you put here, now.
Calvera: What I can't understand is why a man like you took this job in the first place. Why, huh?
Chris: I wonder myself.
Calvera: Oh, come on, come on. Tell me why.
Vin: Fella I once knew in El Paso, one day he took all his clothes off and jumped in a mess of cactus. So I asked him the same question. "Why?"
Calvera: And?
Vin: He said it seemed to be a good idea at the time.
Calvera: Go get your clothes, your saddlebags. Anything you want, take. Your friends in there owe you at least that much.
View Quote [The surviving gunmen are preparing to ride out of the village.]
Old Man: You could e-stay, you know.They would not be sorry to have you e-stay.
Chris Adams: They won't be sorry to see us go, either.
Old Man: (nods) The fighting is over. Your work is done. For them, each season has its tasks. If there were a season for gratitude, they'd show it more.
Vin: We didn't get any more than we expected, old man.
Old Man: Only the farmers have won. They remain forever. They are like the land itself. You helped rid them of Calvera the way a strong wind helps rid them of locusts. You are like the wind, blowing across the land and... passing on. Vaya con Dios.
Chris: Adios.
View Quote [The villagers seek advice from "the Old Man".]
the Old Man: Fight. You must fight. Fight!
Hilario: Machetes and bare hands against guns?
Old Man: Buy guns.
Tomas: Buy?
Old Man: Go to the border. Guns are plentiful there.
Tomas: But what are we going to use for money?
Old Man: (digs out a gold pocketwatch and hands it over) Sell that. And anything else you can gather.
Hilario: Even if we had the guns... we know how to plant and grow. We don't know how to kill.
Old Man: Then learn. Or die.
View Quote [While a few of Calvera's men snipe at the village, three local boys run out to join O'Reilly.]
Boy 1: We drew straws, and we got you.
O'Reiily: You got me? What do you mean, you got me?
Boy 2: If you get killed, we take your rifle and avenge you. And we see to it that there's always fresh flowers on your grave.
O'Reilly: That's a mighty big comfort.
Boy 1: I told you he'd appreciate that!
O'Reilly: Now, don't you kids be too disappointed if your plans don't work out.
Boy 2: We won't. If you stay alive, we'll be just as happy.
Boy 1: Maybe even happier.
Boy 2: Maybe.