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Chico quotes

View Quote A man comes to him... because he respects him... 'cause he'd be proud to work with him. And he makes me look like TWO CENTS with some damn kid's game!
View Quote We ride for days to get to this nothing in the middle of nowhere. We are ready to risk our lives to help you, and you? You hide from us. Hide. From us. But it's a different story when you're in danger, huh? You might lose your precious crops. Then you flock to us, huh? Well, we are here, my compadres and I. Here we stay. And you? You prove to us that you are worth fighting for!
View Quote You know what? They'll make up a song about you and this hat. Villages like this, they make up a song about every big thing that happens. They'll sing it for years.
View Quote When I brought back the news, you should have seen the look I got from Britt. And Chris. And they have seen a thing or two in their time, and-and done them, too. They aren't men you can impress easily, oh, no! When they looked at me... I knew I was one of them at last. (after spying alone in Calvera's camp.)
View Quote I could have told you they'd sell us out! Farmers. Farmers! No honor, no loyalty, no... all they care about is their precious crops and the miserable dirt they dig in. I hate 'em. I hate 'em all.
View Quote Yes. Yes, I am one of them. But who made us the way we are, hmm? Men with guns. Men like Calvera, and... men like you. And now me. So what do you expect us to be?
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