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Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch quotes

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View Quote Jumba: Ha ha! You too?
View Quote Jumba: Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. He is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than super computer. He can see in the dark, and move objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct... to destroy everything he touches! [laughs maniacally]
Grand Councilwoman: So it is a monster.
Jumba: Eh, just a little one.
View Quote Jumba: Three potato!
Stitch: Four!
Jumba: Five potato!
Stitch: Six potato!
Jumba: Seven potato more!
View Quote Jumba: What? Me?
Grand Councilwoman: And to reward you we are willing to trade your freedom for his capture.
Jumba: Hhmm 626 will not come easily... Maybe direct hit from plasma cannon might stun him long enough to--
Grand Councilwoman: Plasma cannon granted.
View Quote Jumba: You shouldn't play with guns.
Stitch: Ah okay
[Passes the cannon to Jumba]
Jumba: Thank you... [throws it back to Stitch] Oh I just remembered is your birthday, happy birthday.
View Quote Jumba: WHAAAAT?! After all you put me through, you expect me to help you just like that?! JUST LIKE THAT?!?
Stitch: Ih.
View Quote Jumba: Come on what's the big deal? [pulls a rack of plates off the wall to throw at Stitch]
Stitch: Ingatish miska!
Jumba: I'll put you back together again, I'll make you taller... and not so fluffy!
View Quote Jumba: Fine!
Pleakley: 'Fine?' You're doing what he says?
Jumba: Uh, he is... very persuasive.
Pleakley: PERSUASIVE?!
View Quote Lilo: [sounding slightly bored, speaking in response to Nani's pantomiming behind Cobra] I'm adjusted. I eat four food groups and look both ways when crossing the street. And I take long naps… [Nani holds up a fist making a muscle-probably to suggest exercise] - and get disciplined?
[Nani cringes]
Cobra Bubbles: Disciplined?
[Lilo continues, with Nani silently getting more and more frantic]
View Quote Lilo: [trying to push Nani out of her room] Can't you go any faster?!
View Quote Lilo: Are you okay?
View Quote Lilo: It's nice to live on an island with no large cities.
Stitch: *gasp* GAAAHHH! [falls to the ground and begins convulsing and making frantic noises]
View Quote Lilo: We're leaving Stitch?
Pleakley: Trust me this is not going end well.
[Jumba and Stitch continue to pass the ever expanding cannon back and forth]
Jumba: One potato!
Stitch: Two potato!
View Quote Lilo: Yeah, she disciplines me real good. Sometimes five times a day. With bricks.
Cobra Bubbles: Bricks?
Lilo: Uh-huh. In a pillowcase.
View Quote Lilo: [Nani is getting rid of Stitch] He was an orphan and we adopted him! What about Ohana?
Nani: He hasn't been here that long!
Lilo: Neither have I! Dad said Ohana means family. [Nani stops] Ohana means family. Family means...
Nani: ...nobody gets left behind.