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View Quote "'Vexilla Regis prodeunt Inferni'Towards us; therefore look in front of thee," My Master said, "if thou discernest him."
View Quote "Pape Satàn, pape Satàn aleppe!"
View Quote "If I have well thy language understood,"⁠Replied that shade of the Magnanimous,⁠"Thy soul attainted is with cowardice,Which many times a man en****bers so,⁠It turns him back from honored enterprise,⁠As false sight doth a beast, when he is shy.
View Quote A great flame follows a little spark.
View Quote And his will is our peace; this is the seaTo which is moving onward whatsoeverIt doth create, and all that nature makes.
View Quote Consider your origin; you were not born to live like brutes,but to follow virtue and knowledge.
View Quote He listens well who takes notes.
View Quote Heaven, to keep its beauty, cast them out, but even Hell itself would not receive them for fear the wicked there might glory over them.
View Quote Here one must leave behind all hesitation;here every cowardice must meet its death.
View Quote I saw within Its depth how It conceivesall things in a single volume bound by Love,of which the universe is the scattered leaves.
View Quote Necessity brings him here, not pleasure.
View Quote O human race, born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou so fall?
View Quote Pure and disposed to mount unto the stars.
View Quote The greatest gift which God in His bounty bestowed in creating, and the most conformed to His own goodness and that which He most prizes, was the freedom of the will, with which the creatures that have intelligence, they all and they alone, were and are endowed.
View Quote There is no greater sorrowThan to be mindful of the happy timeIn misery.