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Canto III quotes

View Quote Per me si va ne la città dolente,per me si va ne l'etterno dolore,per me si va tra la perduta gente. Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore:fecemi la divina potestate,la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore. Dinanzi a me non fuor cose createse non etterne, e io etterno duro.Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate
View Quote Through me the way is to the city dolent;Through me the way is to eternal dole;Through me the way among the people lost.Justice incited my sublime Creator;⁠Created me divine Omnipotence, ⁠The highest Wisdom and the primal Love.Before me there were no created things,⁠Only eterne, and I eternal last."⁠All hope abandon, ye who enter in!"
View Quote lines 1-9 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote Variant Translation: Through me you go to the grief wracked city;Through me you go to everlasting pain;Through me you go a pass among lost souls.Justice inspired my exalted Creator:I am a creature of the Holiest Power,of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love.Nothing till I was made was made, only eternal beings.And I endure eternally.Abandon all hope — Ye Who Enter Here
View Quote Variant translation: 'Through me the way to the suffering city;Through me the everlasting pain;Through me the way that runs among the Lost.Justice urged on my exalted Creator:Divine Power made me,The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love.Nothing was made before me but eternal thingsAnd I endure eternally.Abandon all hope - You Who Enter Here.'
View Quote Variant Translation: 'I am the way into the city of woe.I am the way to a forsaken people.I am the way into eternal sorrow.Sacred justice moved my architect.I was raised here by divine omnipotence, primordial love and ultimate intellectOnly those elements time cannot wear are beyond me,and beyond time I stand.Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.'
View Quote Note: Full inscription on the top of the gate. Often quoted with the translated form "Abandon hope all ye who enter here". The word "all" modifies hope, not those who enter: "ogni speranza" means "all hope".
View Quote Qui si convien lasciare ogni sospetto;ogni viltà convien che qui sia morta.
View Quote Here one must leave behind all hesitation;here every cowardice must meet its death.
View Quote lines 14–15 (tr. Mandelbaum).
View Quote Quivi sospiri, pianti e alti guairisonavan per l'aere sanza stelle,per ch'io al cominciar ne lagrimai.Diverse lingue, orribili favelle,parole di dolore, accenti d'ira,voci alte e fioche, e suon di man con ellefacevano un tumolto, il qual s'aggirasempre in quell'aura sanza tempo tinta,come la rena quando turbo spira.
View Quote Here sighs and lamentations and loud crieswere echoing across the starless air,so that, as soon as I set out, I wept.Strange utterances, horrible pronouncements,accents of anger, words of suffering,and voices shrill and faint, and beating hands—all went to make a tumult that will whirlforever through that turbid, timeless air,like sand that eddies when a whirlwind swirls.
View Quote lines 22–30 (tr. Mandelbaum).
View Quote Questo misero modotegnon l'anime triste di coloroche visser sanza 'nfamia e sanza lodo.
View Quote This miserable state is borne by the wretched souls of those who lived without disgrace and without praise.
View Quote lines 34–36 (tr. John D. Sinclair).
View Quote Caccianli i ciel per non esser men belli,né lo profondo inferno li riceve,ch'alcuna gloria i rei avrebber d'elli.
View Quote Heaven, to keep its beauty, cast them out, but even Hell itself would not receive them for fear the wicked there might glory over them.
View Quote lines 40–42 (tr. Mark Musa).
View Quote These have no longer any hope of death;⁠And this blind life of theirs is so debased,⁠They envious are of every other fate.No fame of them the world permits to be;⁠Misericord and Justice both disdain them.⁠Let us not speak of them, but look, and pass.
View Quote lines 46-51 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote And after it there came so long a train⁠Of people, that I ne'er would have believed⁠That ever Death so many had undone.
View Quote lines 55-57 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote Vidi e conobbi l'ombra di coluiche fece per viltade il gran rifiuto.
View Quote I looked, and I beheld the shade of himWho made through cowardice the great refusal.
View Quote lines 59–60 (tr. Longfellow).
View Quote The decision of Pope Celestine V to abdicate the Papacy and allow Dante's enemy, Pope Boniface VIII, to gain power.
View Quote Incontanente intesi e certo fuiche questa era la setta d'i cattivia Dio spiacenti e a' nemici sui.
View Quote At once I understood, and I was sure this was that sect of evil souls who were hateful to God and to His enemies.
View Quote lines 61–63 (tr. Mark Musa).
View Quote Non isperate mai veder lo cielo:i' vegno per menarvi a l'altra rivane le tenebre etterne, in caldo e 'n gelo.
View Quote Hope nevermore to look upon the heavens;I come to lead you to the other shore,To the eternal shades in heat and frost.
View Quote lines 85–87 (tr. Longfellow).
View Quote E tu che se' costì, anima viva,pàrtiti da cotesti che son morti.
View Quote And you, the living soul, you over thereget away from all these people who are dead.
View Quote lines 88–89 (tr. Mark Musa).
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