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Canto II quotes

View Quote Lo giorno se n'andava, e l'aere brunotoglieva li animai che sono in terrada le fatiche loro.
View Quote Day was departing, and the embrowned airReleased the animals that are on earthFrom their fatigues.
View Quote lines 1–3 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote And as he is, who unwills what he willed,⁠And by new thoughts doth his intention change,⁠So that from his design he quite withdraws,Such I became, upon that dark hillside,⁠Because, in thinking, I consumed the emprise,⁠Which was so very prompt in the beginning.
View Quote lines 37-42 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote "If I have well thy language understood,"⁠Replied that shade of the Magnanimous,⁠"Thy soul attainted is with cowardice,Which many times a man en****bers so,⁠It turns him back from honored enterprise,⁠As false sight doth a beast, when he is shy.
View Quote lines 42-48 (tr. Longfellow) Beatrice am I, who do bid thee go.
View Quote Beatrice am I, who do bid thee go;⁠I come from there, where I would fain return;⁠Love moved me, which compelleth me to speak.
View Quote lines 70-72 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote Of those things only should one be afraid⁠Which have the power of doing others harm;⁠Of the rest, no; because they are not fearful.
View Quote lines 88-90 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote God in his mercy such created me⁠That misery of yours attains me not,⁠Nor any flame assails me of this burning.
View Quote lines 91-93 (tr. Longfellow)
View Quote Thou hast my heart so with desire disposed⁠To the adventure, with these words of thine,⁠That to my first intent I have returned.Now go, for one sole will is in us both,⁠Thou Leader, and thou Lord, and Master thou."⁠Thus said I to him; and when he had moved,I entered on the deep and savage way.
View Quote lines 136-142 (tr. Longfellow)
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