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View Quote Phil Blumburtt: [attempting to analyze Howard]...This is amazing. Man's oldest fantasy! [imitating the SUPERMAN narrator] From across a sea of stars...Look! Up in the sky! It's...The Duck Who Fell to Earth!
Beverly Switzer: Phil, you've got to help us. Seriously, what are we gonna do here?
Phil: Nice Ducky. [squawking like Donald Duck] Me, Phil. You, Howard. We can be friends. Klaatu Barada Nikto!
Howard T. Duck: [annoyed and confused] Undoubtedly one of Earth's greatest minds here.
Beverly: Hey, Phil. Don't talk to him like that; he's just as smart as you are.
Howard: Oh, now I'm really depressed.
Phil: [into his microphone] Highly intelligent, perhaps even...Wait, that's it! We're about to see if the subject has any capabilities we don't normally find on Earth...Any "Superpowers", as it were? Howard! [he produces a steel bar and holds it out to Howard] Can you bend this?
Howard: What are you, crazy or something? [The bar clatters to the floor]
Phil: [produces a 2X4 and holds it in front of Howard's face] Howard, can you burn a hole through this with some kind of eye-laser?
Howard: Hey, you wanna see powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal ducks? What say I bite your nose off with my super-bill!
Phil: Howard, quit holding out! I want you to concentrate and read my mind!
Howard: Right. You're thinking..."They know I'm a phony. They know I'm a yo-yo." Tell me if I'm warm on any of these, Phil. [Beverly giggles]
Phil: Next, I want you to look into the future and tell me what you see!
Howard: I see...Myself, walking out that door! [He departs, with Beverly in tow]
View Quote Phil:  [coming backstage]  Sorry I missed the show.  I came with a pizza—[sees Howard]  Howard!  [speaks duck gibberish]
Beverley:  …vey.
View Quote An evil unlike any you can imagine is about to engulf the Earth.
View Quote But if that's the way you want it, then so long, duckie!
View Quote Cleve-Land?  Uh huh.  That's a perfect weird name for this planet.
View Quote Come on, let's watch David Letterman.
View Quote Desperate ducks commit desperate acts!
View Quote Different lifestyles is one thing, different life forms is another.
View Quote Duck kebob!
View Quote Good bye, Duckworld.
View Quote Great Duck in Heaven, is this the end of Howard?
View Quote Hey.  If I had some place to go, I certainly wouldn't be in Cleve-Land.
View Quote I can't sit here on my tail feathers feeling sorry for myself.
View Quote I don't know where you are now, but I hope you're happier there.  This world didn't treat you very good, but you saved it, didn't you?
View Quote I feel much better.