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View Quote I'm a dead duck.
View Quote That's it, no more Mr. Nice Duck.  Hey, let the female creature go!  Every duck has his limit, and you, s****, have pushed me over the line.
View Quote No one laughs at a master of quack-fu!
View Quote Cleve-Land?  Uh huh.  That's a perfect weird name for this planet.
View Quote Hey.  If I had some place to go, I certainly wouldn't be in Cleve-Land.
View Quote [seeing some hairless apes]  They look hungry.  Get 'em a banana.
View Quote Listen, if you got blasted millions of miles through space, ended up on another planet, and were given an I.Q. test by a janitor, you'd be a little pissed off, too!
View Quote I can't sit here on my tail feathers feeling sorry for myself.
View Quote That's right: space rabies!  One bite, and it's agonising death in five seconds!
View Quote "Hit my planet"?  How about "hit my living room"?!  Talk about invasion of privacy!
View Quote I've had enough!  I wanna see my lawyer!  [Lieutenant Welker chucklesI've got rights, you know!  I'm suing!
View Quote [guards are searching Howard]  On my planet, we never say die; we say—not my shorts!  You perverts!
View Quote Desperate ducks commit desperate acts!
View Quote You're ruffling my feathers!  Put me down, you big, hairless ape.
View Quote Great Duck in Heaven, is this the end of Howard?
View Quote It's not nice to fool with a Dark Overlord!
View Quote This line is a play on the Chiffon margarine advertising slogans, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."[1]
View Quote If God intended us to fly, he wouldn't have taken away our wings.
View Quote Prepare to eat beak.
View Quote Good bye, Duckworld.
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