N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote "Hit my planet"?  How about "hit my living room"?!  Talk about invasion of privacy!
View Quote Cop:  Shoot to kill!
View Quote I've had enough!  I wanna see my lawyer!  [Lieutenant Welker chucklesI've got rights, you know!  I'm suing!
View Quote Lieutenant Welker:  I want that duck, dead or alive.
View Quote The Cosmos:  [narrated while Howard is being drawn through a wormhole]  The cosmos: countless worlds upon worlds, worlds without end.  In these galaxies, every possible reality exists, and what is reality on any one world is mere fantasy on all others.  Here, all is real and all is illusion.  What is, what was, and what will be start here with the words, "In the beginning, there was Howard the Duck!"
View Quote Trucker:  Is this the key to your duckmobile?
View Quote Beverly:  Howard may be a duck, but you people are animals!  He's my boyfriend!  [crowd quiets]
Trucker:  That's disgusting!
Crowd:  Yeah!  [becomes rowdy again]
Beverly:  You're not making me proud to be a human!
View Quote Dark Overlord:  I told you, bird brain, I am not Jenning any more!  I am one of the Dark Overlord of the Universe!
Beverly:  Dark Overlord of the Universe?
Howard:  That must be quite a responsibility.
View Quote Dark Overlord:  Soon, the Dark Overlords will engulf the Earth.  Nothing human will remain here.
Howard:  Oh, yeah?  Well, nothing duck's remaining here, either.
View Quote Dr. Jenning:  Feels like something inside me…gnawing at my guts…what's wrong with me?
Beverly:  Well, what did you have for lunch?
View Quote Dr. Jenning:  I'm dead.
Dark Overlord:  Yes, you are.
Howard:  You think that's funny, Jenning?
Dark Overlord:  I am not Dr. Jenning any more!  The transformation is complete!  I am now someone else!
Howard:  Try telling that to your insurance company.
View Quote Dr. Walter Jenning:  In the lab that night, we saw a single feather fall.  We weren't aware that the rest of you, Howard, had landed in that alley just two miles away.  Any questions?
Howard:  Yeah.  Where are my pants?
View Quote Hostess:  I'm sorry, we don't allow pets on the premises.
Howard:  Hey!  Have a heart!  Seeing-eye duck.
View Quote HowardAlright, that's how it starts!  police brutality!
Beverly:  [to cop]  Hey, stop manhandling him!
View Quote Lieutenant WelkerYou are going to go play sitting duck in a jail cell.
Cop:  Lieutenant, what's the charge, sir?
WelkerIllegal alien.