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Death to Smoochy

Death to Smoochy quotes

33 total quotes

Rainbow Randolph
Sheldon Mopes/Smoochy

View Quote [As Randolph and Buggy are dangling from a ceiling catwalk] Let go of me you ****ING JUNKIE!
View Quote [singing] He slams the door, He stomps his feet, He sends me to bed with zilch to eat. But my step-dad's not mean, he's just adjusting.
View Quote [Smoochy holds up a penis-shaped cookie made by Randolph] What are you, blind? It's a ****! It's not a rocket, you sick ****! It's a ****! Look. It's a **** and balls! A dick! Chorizo and the huevos! It's a big stiffy! It's a penis! Penis maximus! A willie! A weenie! Mr. Jiggle Daddy! The one-eyed wonder weasel! Don't you see that? It's Jimmy and the twins. Rumple Foreskin. He made this. It's made from dil-dough.
View Quote [to a baby, after framing Sheldon] Hello, little nipple-nibbler. The rhino's a Nazi!
View Quote [to Sheldon] Bite me, Buddha!
View Quote [to Sheldon] Do not start with your magician's tricks, young Moses! I am Pharaoh! And you are my slave...and this is my kingdom!
View Quote Bastard son of Barney! Die! Die, stuffed ball of fluff! Illegitimate Teletubbie! Die, you Muppet from hell! Die, you foam mother****er!
View Quote Captain Kangaroo, like Jesus Christ, was someone you could really believe in. With those guys, it wasn't about the bells and whistles and the rickety-rackety; it was all about the work. Especially Jesus.
View Quote Don't talk to me like that. I am not your puppet.
View Quote Even when you're squeaky clean, you can still fall in the mud.
View Quote Let's face it. Big junkies come from little junkies. We gotta nip this in the bud, Burke!
View Quote Now I'm not pointing any fingers, Lord knows you start pointing fingers and someone's gonna get poked. And I want you both to know that its not my intention to try and...poke either of you.
View Quote Someone toss me a beach towel because my head is swimming.
View Quote That fuschia ****! I'm gonna tear him apart, piece by piece!
View Quote There are a lot of kids and a lot of junkies out there who are counting on me.