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View Quote Security Guard: [to the animals] All right, all of yas! Listen up! I only need you, water buffalo, for the Tarzan jungle stampede! The rest of yas, go home!
T.W.: Well; today's shot! Might as well go home and clean!
[He retreats back into his shell and turns on a vacuum.]
View Quote [Darla falls through a trapdoor.]
Darla: WHOA! MAX!
[Max is still flying on the Darla Dimple balloon, and passes the Eiffel Tower.]
View Quote [Max begins music number on piano]
Darla: [singing] I've seen them come, and I've seen them go. There's one thing that I know. You gotta give the people what they want, or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska.
Danny: It's in Indiana, Miss Dimple.
Darla: Whatever.
View Quote [Max has Danny cornered, but falls on top of the Darla balloon.]
Danny: [holding the rope] How does the kitty cat go?
Max: [smiles nervously] Meow?
Danny: Very good. [let goes of the rope, popping the Darla balloon, sending Max flying]
View Quote I'm the star! [She glares at Danny.] You stupid, stupid cat! I should have drowned you all when I FLOODED THE STAGE! ['Flooded the stage' echoes through the speakers and the audiece overhears the confession in shock as Darla, realizing she had been exposed, mischievously smiles, hugs Danny and kisses him]
View Quote [last words as he flies into the distance onto the giant Darla Dimple balloon through Paris, France] OUI, MISS DIMPLE!!!
View Quote [last words as she falls through the trap door] WHOA!!! MAX!!!
View Quote [phone rings] Farley Wink's Animal Actors Agency. How can I help you? [listens] You need a lamb for the Moses picture? [listens as a lamb gets excited] Oh. A sacrificial lamb? [listens as the same lamb cringes in fear] Sorry! Fresh out! [hangs up] Every day, I ask myself; why do I put up with this?
View Quote [singing] Hollywood! Where the streets are paved with gold, where the kiddies never grow old! Right here in Hollywood!
View Quote [to Danny] You just get all your little friends at Friday at 3 and I'll take care of L.B. And let's leave this between us, shall we? I don't like to advertise my charitable work.
View Quote Come on, Sawyer. Your life isn't back in that office. It's here. Dance with me?
View Quote Fortune says, "Raging waters ahead!"
View Quote Get hot, Miss Dimple.
View Quote Hey Kong, how's it going?
View Quote How does the kitty cat go?