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View Quote I...HATE...ANIMALS! Especially [points at Danny] that one!
View Quote Bus Driver: So, it's just you and me tonight, buddy. Hey, did you hear about the disaster at Mammoth Pictures? Animals, What a bunch of noodleheads. I mean, look at them. They have no future. What am I telling you, son? You'll be heading back home real soon.
Danny: Stop the bus!
Bus Driver: Jeez! What do you wanna stop for? We just barely got started.
Danny: Exactly. See you in the movies.
View Quote Cranston: Goodbye, show biz; hello, farm life.
Tillie: Well, at least there's always Broadway. Yeah! Broadway! I hear hippos are very big on Broadway!
Frances: They're big everywhere, darling!
View Quote Cranston: [to a mailman] Will you get off my property?!
View Quote Danny: Meow? [He can't believe that's his one line.] Is that it? Where's the rest?
Sawyer: You're looking at it!
Danny: But I thought this was a musical! We're supposed to sing and dance, aren't we?
Frances: Oh, for the love of Moby Dick!
Sawyer: Listen, tiger, this town has rules. Around here, cats say "meow."
Danny: But that's so old hat. I'm sure no one would mind if I jazz this up a bit.
Sawyer: All right, learn it the hard way.
[Danny purrs with a British accent, and then does a few impressions of various actors such as Edward G. Robinson.]
View Quote Danny: Wow; this is a dream come true!
Mr. Wink: Yeah, but don't forget 10% of that dream is mine! WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!
View Quote Danny: Is that Sawyer?
Woolie: Poor Sawyer. I thought she'd be the one to make it. Such a dancer, with the voice of an angel.
Danny: I never would have guessed.
Woolie: That's what this town does to you, my boy. It wears you down.
Danny: But I thought Hollywood was always looking for new talent.
Woolie: Ah, ah, ah! Talented people, not animals. [sighs] You see, the spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me. And it's foolish to think otherwise, Danny. Danny?
Danny: Mmm. Yeah. [chuckles] Foolish. Unless... [plunks a few piano keys] ...we can remind them.
Woolie: Hmmm. Uh, of what?
Danny: Why they came here in the first place.
Woolie: Hmm.
View Quote Danny: Looks like we'll be the only two cats on the ark, huh? Pretty great, huh?
Sawyer: So much for preserving the species! [to King Kong as he walks by] Hey, Kong, how's the picture coming?
King Kong: Oh! Don't get me started!
Danny: You know the King? Wow!
View Quote Danny: Sawyer?
Sawyer: We're all behind you, Danny. 100%. Don't let them go, Tillie!
Tillie: [Tillie is holding T.W., Cranston, and Frances in her arms] I got them!
Cranston: Let go! Have you lost your mind?
Frances: Release me you mad hippo!
Danny: Wait.
Tillie: One big happy family!
Danny: Just a minute. Please.
T.W.: [Looking at his fortunes] You will meet with disaster!
Danny: Would you just listen to me?
Cranston: I'll chew your ears off!
Danny: Cranston!
T.W.: The end is near! The fat lady sung!
Danny: Look, if you're willing to accept what they can think of you, then you can go! [everyone gasps] I almost did.
Cranston: Well, you should have! Life here for animals is the pits, always playing the scapegoat!
Woolie: Quickly forgotten!
Frances: Working for scale! [...See what the movie did there?]
Danny: Then why are you still here?
Crantson: Why?! [everyone pauses]
Danny: Because you can't forget the feeling, can you? The feeling you have when... [Refers to Cranson and Frances] when you two dance together. [Camera switches to Woolie] When you play. [Danny motions to Sawyer] When you sing. They cursed you, humiliated you, and even slam the door in your face. But they still haven't made you forget. Have they?
T.W.: [searches through his fortune cookie papers] They can smash your cookie, but... but you'll always have your fortune. [everyone grins] Huh.
Danny: Come on. Let's go show 'em what we can do.
Tillie: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
View Quote Darla: Thanks for coming over, Donald.
Danny: Uh, Danny.
Darla: Oh, yeah. Danny. Animal cracker?
Danny: Uh...
Darla: No? More for me!
View Quote Darla: [in rage after Danny upstages her] CUT! Cut, cut, cut!
Flanigan: Cut? Oh, yes. Cut. cut.
Darla: [shouting into the microphone] LET ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!
Flanigan: Lower Miss Dimple! Lower her! Hurry hurry! Lower Miss Dimple!
[The crew drop Darla, send her crashing to the ground]
Flanigan: Darla, darling. Honey...
Cranston: [chuckles]
Darla: [groan] Flanigan, the title of this movie is Little Ark Angel... [grabs Flanagan] Isn't it?!
Flanigan: Yes; oh yes!
Darla: And who here's an angel? [breaks Flanigan's glasses, then shakes him as she screams] CAN YOU TELL ME WHO HERE IS AN ANGEL?!
Flanigan: Why you are Darla. Sweetheart, celebrity, darling [Darla rolls her eyes and chokes Flanigan] ACK! Angel.
Darla: That's right! I AM an angel! I... am... an adorable... little... ANGEL!!!
View Quote Max: How does the kitty cat go?
Danny: [gulp] Meow?
Max: VERY GOOD! [He smashes Danny into the ground.] Will that be all, Miss Dimple?
Darla: For the moment. Thank you, Max!
View Quote Sawyer: Let's see. [She takes Danny's list] Go to Premiere. Check. Land a big part, check. Get the girl? Check.
[the two hold hands and attempt to kiss, but Flanigan arrives, and gets in between them; both grimace]
Flanigan: Sweethearts! Celebrities! Darlings!
[L.B. pushes Flanigan aside]
L.B.: Get a picture, boys! These kids will be making history!
View Quote Sawyer: Like I said, dancing is a waste of time.
Danny: What if I could get you an audition with L.B. Mammoth?
Sawyer: L.B. Mammoth? Head of Mammoth Studios?
Darla: WHAT?!
Danny: I know he'd appreciate real talent.
Cranston: After nothing but Darla, he's gotta be STARVING for it!
[Darla growls and groans, which melts her mudpack facial off her face.]
Sawyer: You're dreaming, Danny!
Danny: Maybe I am. But so were you, just a few minutes ago.
View Quote Sawyer: It's time somebody set that cat straight. Since he tap-danced into town, he's been nothing but trouble.
Danny: Well, I guess this is gonna set me back a whole day. Maybe only half a day.
Sawyer: Listen, I'm sorry your feelings got hurt, but the fact is, since you–
Danny: I don't get it. What happened in there, anyway? Did I hit a sour note? Because if I did, I could go back in there. I could fix it.
Sawyer: You don't... Danny, they don't care.
Danny: But I...
Sawyer: Don't you get it? What is it with you? Why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?
Danny: What do you mean? All I wanna do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?
Sawyer: It's not that simple.
Danny: It is in Kokomo.
Sawyer: Then maybe that's where you should have stayed.