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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories quotes

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Bobbi Bronson
Jill Hastings
Patrick Bronson
Skeeter Bronson

View Quote Barry Nottingham Germs!
View Quote Barry Nottingham Yes. Now, sign the bloody papers.
View Quote Bobbi You go into a magical cave. Skeeter Caves are nice. Bobbi And Abe Lincoln's there. Skeeter Abe Lincoln?! What, is this a joke to you?! What the heck's the matter with you?!
View Quote Marty: And so Skeeter sat on his bed filled with regret, wondering how to put the pieces of his life back together after one magical week. Skeeter: [sarcastic] Great ending, huh? Marty: That was your ending?! I thought this was just a sad part before things got better! Skeeter: What do you mean? Marty: Well in the stories I told you, just when things looked bleakest, the hero would do something unexpected and courageous to beat the bad guy, save the day and get the girl! Skeeter: [inspired] Yeah! How do I do that? Marty: It's your story, not mine. But you better get moving; go get 'em, son!
View Quote Mickey Oh, so positive visualisation. I read a book on that once...I read the back cover...I can't read. [Bugsy starts laughing] Shut up, Bugsy! I've got opposable thumbs. What do you think about that? [Bugsy stops laughing]
View Quote Mickey [translating Skeeter's gibberish] Jumping up and down on the alligator.
View Quote Skeeter Am I really getting a cherry-red ferrari? Robber I don't see why not. Skeeter For freeeee?! Robber Sounds good to... meeeee?
View Quote Skeeter Raining gumballs? Patrick Why not? It's a bedtime story: anything can happen. Skeeter Yeah, well I guess, in the story. I just wish it was like that in real life. I really do. [imaginary wind chimes sound]
View Quote Skeeter So you need me, this is good. I´ll do it. But you will have to say "Skeeter is the coolest, I´m a nerd". Wendy Skeeter is the coolest, I´m a nerd Skeeter Yeah, you are!
View Quote Violet Nottingham Skeeter? Skeeter Bronson? Skeeter Yes, ma'am.
View Quote The Big Hotel Idea Story!
View Quote Excuse me Mr. Nottingham. My name is Jill Hastings. I'm a teacher at Webster Elementary.
View Quote Girls are bisgrusting, except for Trisha Sparks.
View Quote Gotta babysit my niece and nephew tonight. Oh God. Got any advice for me?
View Quote I'll have me win in the story, so I'll win for real. Do ya dig?