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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues quotes

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Brick Tamland
Champ Kind
Ron Burgundy
Wes Mantooth

View Quote CBC Anchors (Jim Carrey and Marion Cotillard): Sorry.
View Quote Entertainment Tonight Anchor (Tina Fey): I'm so horny.
View Quote [Ron and Jack Lime's news teams prepare to fight] BBC Anchor: Wait! Here's a headline for you: "Moronic Yank Wank-orman Gets a Bloody Good Hiding From Newsreader From a Superior Country." For we are the BBC News Service! [BBC news team shouts]
Ron Burgundy: Oh, not now!
Jack Lime: [To his news team] Fall back, fall back.
[MTV news team rappels down]
Wesley Jackson: If y'all gonna get down, then Wesley Jackson and the MTV news crew want in!
Brian Fantana: What's "MTV"?
Ron Burgundy: I think it's a venereal disease.
Wesley Jackson: The most requested video of the day: A new band called "Burgundy sucking chest wound"! [MTV news team shouts]
[Entertainment News team arrives on a dune buggy]
Jill Jansen: It wouldn't be a battle without Jill Jansen...
Wendy Van Peel: And Wendy Van Peel, from Entertainment News.
BBC Anchor: Entertainment News is an abomination!
Wendy Van Peel: Who are you wearing today? Oh, look, it's your own blood!
Jill Jansen: Today's celebrity birthdays: None. Today's celebrity deaths: All you dick-licks!
Brian Fantana: I like how they're put together.
Champ Kind: I like fighting girls.
Jill Jansen: I like to ****-punt cowboys.
Wendy Van Peel: You eat pussy?
Jill Jansen: You're gonna.
Scott Riles: HEEEEYYY! There's not gonna be any fight without Scott Riles and the incredibly polite Canadian News Team. [Canada News Team shouts]
Quebec News Anchor: What about the French-speaking Quebec News? The real voice of Canada!
Scott Riles: Give it a rest, eh?
Champ Kind: Give me a break! They can't have news. Nothing happens in Canada!
Scott Riles: We're gonna mop the floor with ya! We're gonna put the boots to ya! Sorry.
Quebec News Anchor: Sorry. We're gonna gouge yer eyes out, and kick yer head in!
Scott Riles and Quebec News Anchor: Sorry!
Brick Tamland:...I like your ginger ale!
[ SportsCenter theme plays]
Jeff Bullington: Jeff Bullington, ESPN, all sports. Tonight's Play of the Day is me, extracting your spine from your dead body!
Brian Fantana: Holy shit, there's a lot of news!
Ron Burgundy: It's true, the market has become saturated.
History Network Host: Hey! The History Network wants in on this. We're news too! Only news told much, much later! [History Network team shouts]
Ron Burgundy: Wait a minute, is that the ghost of Stonewall Jackson with you?
History Network Host: Yes, it is. And the mighty minotaur!
Jack Lime: Eh, I don't know about this, man. The minotaur isn't even history. It's mythology!
Ron Burgundy: Hey, let's not downplay the fact that that's the ghost of Stonewall Jackson!
Ghost of Stonewall Jackson: May the Lord anoint this hallowed field of battle.
Mack Tannen: You guys got room in this battle for an old war horse?
Ron Burgundy: Mack Tannen? What are you doing here, you're too old for this!
Mack Tannen: Well, you see, there's the thing: When there's an early moon, I almost feel like a stallion again!
Champ Kind: He's on our side, right Ron?
[Tannen transforms into a werewolf]
Ron Burgundy: He's a were-hyena!
Wesley Jackson: I'm gonna call Michael Jackson, I got a video idea!
Ron Burgundy: Alright, everyone, listen up! By virtue of being on this battlefield, there is no return! People will die!
Jill Jansen: [Quietly] I'm so horny right now.
Ron Burgundy: Some will be disfigured! In some cases, lasting friendships will be made! And as usual: No touching of the hair and face!
Scott Riles: C'mon! What do we look like, rookies?
Scott Riles and Quebec News anchor: Sorry.
Ron Burgundy: When El Trousias, Maiden of the Clouds, blows the battle horn, let the battle begin!
El Trousias: I am El Trousias! Hear my sirens song! [Blows her horn]
Jeff Bullington: El Trousias...the juiciest, hmm!
El Trousias: [Finishes blowing her horn]...That means you can start.
Ron Burgundy: Brick, what the hell is that?
Brick Tamland: It's a gun...from the future.
Wesley Jackson: No fair, he has a gun from the future!
Ron Burgundy: Where did you get it from?
[Brick giggles]
View Quote Andre the Giant gave a surprising nimble foot rub.
View Quote By the hymen of Olivia Newton-John!
View Quote I believe in two things: Chicken, and that the census is a way for the UN to make your children gay.
View Quote I can always guess how many jelly beans are in a jelly bean jar, even if I'm wrong.
View Quote I'm not trying to be funny, but are you sure he's not a midget with a learning disability?
View Quote I'm so lonely, I paid a hobo to spoon with me.
View Quote If you've got an ass like the North Star, wise men are gonna want to follow it.
View Quote It's pronounced Sawn Dee-Ayy-Go.
View Quote The greatest city in the history of the Earth.
View Quote The Tooth Fairy's exposed breast made the child uncomfortable.
View Quote They call bats, "Chicken of the cave."
View Quote Who the hell is Julius Caesar? You know I don't follow the NBA!